Why Coffee Bike is the Wise Choice of High Street Coffee Shop?

Dec. 09, 2022

Low risk

It is a relatively low-risk option.The uniqueness of the mobile coffee cart lies in its mobility and flexibility. Take an ordinary high street coffee shop as an example. This may fail for many reasons.After opening the store, it may be found that the customer flow is not as high as expected, which in turn will not drive the revenue to achieve profitability. For example, coffee shop owners may not be able to attract customers from other stores. If the income target cannot be achieved, this will put investors in a difficult and unsustainable situation, because they have paid huge fees for their own premises and barista equipment.

When using the coffee cart, the above scene still exists, but you can move from one location to another to find your perfect place. If one position doesn't work, you can always find another. In addition, unlike the shopkeeper, you can flexibly carry out permanent publicity within a week, and at the same time, you can also add very profitable catering and activities on some weekends (many partners earn more than 1000 pounds a day working in company activities, weddings and festivals!

Investment level

Many people dream of opening their own coffee shop, but they can't afford it. The actual investment level of property and equipment exceeds 100000 pounds. This is why coffee bikes have become a wise and feasible choice for many entrepreneurs. Our coffee bikes are very cheap. The factory sells them directly. There is no middleman to make a difference. It can also bring you huge income (up to 10000 pounds per month).

Number of employees required for the operation

Another huge advantage of joining Coffee Bike is the number of employees required for operation. In a coffee shop, you are actually paying at least three to four employees. The coffee bike can be operated by one person (whether you or you hire a barista to run the coffee bike for you).

Why Coffee Bike is the Wise Choice of High Street Coffee Shop?


1、Safety and environmental protection

2、Professional equipment

3、Disc brakes

4、The best trikes parts

5、Custom packaging

6、Hand-Wash Sink

Of course, a great advantage is that it saves the cost of paying employees, but it also reduces the logistical challenges that employees may face (annual leave, sick leave, quality of employees). If you run your own coffee bike or hire a trusted barista, you can fully ensure that the operation reaches a high standard.

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Why Coffee Bike is the Wise Choice of High Street Coffee Shop?