Expecting Ice Cream bike!

Dec. 30, 2022

Ice Cream and Popsicle Bikes are ideal for catering events with cold treats. Ride in and hand out icy snacks at weddings, birthdays, family reunions, company team building exercises, or private parties in style! Or just roll out wherever you feel someone might be in need of a cool treat!

With a Popsicle or Ice Cream Bike, you’ve got a business that can be anywhere at any time, and without any fuel costs. Pedal-powered economic magic!



230L large volume freezer allows selling as many drinks and ice cream as possible.

Battery For bike: 36V/10ah Lithium battery,For freezer&pump: 12V/50ah Acid Battery

The automated water supply system provides an efficient and convenient way for water use.

500w powerful motor enables to pedal easily even under heavy load.

high-end durable components ensure to have got a business without any worry outside.

Description:The ice cream bike is created for mobility in car-free downtown areas and public spaces. It is a turn of the tide for small business owners! With an ice cream bike, you’ve got a business that can be anywhere at any time without any fuel costs.

Applications:Weddings, birthdays, family reunions, company team building, private parties, mall

Be your own boss with an Tricycle Ice Cream or Popsicle Bike! Contact us to roll out your new popsicle or ice cream bicycle.