What is a Coffee Cart Business?

Oct. 24, 2019

Have you ever ordered from a coffee cart? If the answer is yes, you were probably grateful for that convenient cart that provided you with one of your favorite beverages. Maybe you were at an event and happily stumbled upon the cart. Or, you could have been walking around campus and were met with the perfect solution to your afternoon lull. 

Did you know that more than 145 million bags of coffee are consumed each year worldwide? That’s a lot of coffee! In the United States alone, there are projected to be more than 50,000 coffee shops across the country in the next few years. People clearly love coffee, and you can cash in on the popularity. Coffee cart businesses offer impressive profits to entrepreneurs willing to invest their time and attention.

There is a major opportunity for coffee carts.

Mobile coffee stands or bicycle coffee carts are incredibly convenient for the modern coffee drinker. We spend about 70% of our time outside of our home, and we are always on the go. Grabbing a quick cup of coffee is a treat many people can afford during their daily routine. 

With a coffee cart business, you can be at the right place at the right time. Coffee shops may get high foot traffic, but that traffic usually dips and rises throughout the day. People go to work or school, and they are unable to stop by and get some coffee. Instead, coffee carts are mobile, so they can go wherever the people are. 

When you own a coffee cart business, you can set up on a college campus to attract business from students in between classes. You can park outside of an office complex and offer caffeine to busy workers. Or, you can visit outdoor events or festivals and reach a large audience at one time. The opportunities for a coffee cart business are endless!

How do you start a coffee cart business?

For entrepreneurs looking to own their own business, there are usually a lot of costs involved with getting started. However, with a coffee cart business, you have considerably lower startup costs and investments. The following steps provide an overview of starting a coffee cart business.

Buy your coffee cart!

You can purchase a professional coffee bike that is ready to go for a reasonable amount. There is no need to open a store or set up an expensive website. A coffee cart bike is a convenient and mobile solution to keep your business moving, literally! 

Check the local laws

Once you are ready to start your business, research the local laws for your area. You can usually contact the health department or a similar service to find out where and when you are allowed to park your coffee cart. You can also find the requirements for any street food vendor licensing or certifications. 

Decide on your target customer

Who will your coffee cart mainly serve? You may be going after a target audience that is made up of young people, such as college students or busy young professionals. You may choose to target parents or older consumers instead. Whatever the case, your audience will help you decide where to park your cart and which items to sell. 

Scout some locations

Once you know where you are allowed to park your cart and sell coffee, start narrowing down your favorite locations. Find areas with higher levels of foot traffic or places that host events. Visit these locations to determine where you could set up your coffee cart and which times of the day are best to visit each location. 

Check out the competition

Are there other coffee carts in your area? It is important to keep an eye on your competition and understand what they sell, where they set up, and how much they charge. You should also try to understand who their customers are and what their customers buy. 

Set your menu and prices

Your menu will help you decide which supplies you need. In addition to standard or popular beverages for your audience, consider specialty drinks that your competitors do not offer. Also, decide whether or not you will offer food items or other types of beverages from your coffee cart. Select menu items that you are able to make a profit on quickly, and pick suppliers that help you keep your costs low while remaining reliable. 


Coffee cart businesses are lucrative opportunities for hungry entrepreneurs. If you have always dreamed of owning your own business, a coffee cart is a great place to start. The upfront investment is low, and the possibilities are endless. Coffee carts require little maintenance and provide flexibility while you run your business. 

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