Mobile Bike Ideas to Roll You into the Startup Life

Oct. 21, 2019

These days, everyone wants to own their own business, but few actually manage to live the startup life. High startup costs, employee salaries, and investments in space and products make it difficult for the average person to start their own business. But what if you could start your business with little more than a bike? Now, owning your own business seems pretty doable.

Mobile bike businesses are becoming an increasingly popular way to join the startup life. Perhaps people enjoy the nostalgia of riding their bike, or maybe the low costs and easy maintenance makes bike-based businesses popular. Whatever the reasoning, here are some mobile bike ideas to roll you into the entrepreneur life. 

1. Enhance your small business

This idea is for entrepreneurs who already have a small business. If you are looking for a way to boost your brick and mortar operations or enhance your ecommerce business, consider a bike business. You can sell your products on the go as more cities become bicycle friendly. Adding a bicycle element to your business is much less expensive than opening a new location or investing in a food truck. 

2. Move over ice cream trucks!

Bring back the good old days of chasing down the ice cream truck, with a bicycle business selling ice cream. A bike is the perfect way to get around town, hitting up all of the outdoor hotspots. Visit parks, baseball games, concerts, and festivals, bringing ice cream (and joy) to the guests. 

Ice cream is relatively easy to sell by bike, and ice cream bikes can keep your products cold for long periods of time. Choose a bike with a long-lasting battery in case you are unable to connect to a power source. You want that ice cream to stay nice and frozen for your customers! 

3. Bring the coffee cart with you

Coffee carts are extremely popular. They offer an easy and convenient way for customers to get their daily intake of caffeine without having to stand in line at a popular brick and mortar coffee shop. You can take the convenience of a coffee cart and make it even more portable with a coffee bike business. 

Visit local college campuses, set up outside of conferences or events, or sell coffee at outdoor sporting events in the winter. Choose the style of bike that matches your brand, from classic to retro and modern to fashion. With the right coffee bike, you can sell hot and cold beverages with a low investment cost and less maintenance. 

4. Go with a classic: food

When you think of a bike business, you probably imagine hot dogs or some other form of classic food. For whatever reason, people love buying food from a super cool bike cart! And you’re not limited to hot dogs. Sell cupcakes, pastries, vegetables, donuts…whatever you can think of. 

Choosing the right food bike means selecting an option that accommodates the type of food you want to serve and any drinks you will sell. Make sure your bike has the right equipment to handle your orders. 

5. Join the transportation industry

Use your bike in the way it was originally intended: transportation. Pedicabs and rickshaws are great ways to earn money by carting around tourists and guests. Visit high-traffic areas and enjoy the outdoors while you shuttle people back and forth to their destinations. 

For an option that is easy and fun to drive, choose an electric pedicab. These futuristic devices make it easier to handle a full day’s worth of customers and any difficult terrain. E-pedicabs are also easy to maintain and use electric power to avoid releasing hazardous gasses into the environment. 

6. Do whatever you want!

Whether you want to sell candy, fruit, beverages, souvenirs, or jewelry, you can make it happen with a vending bike. These customizable bike carts can handle almost any type of product, including refrigerated items. The sky is the limit with vending bikes, making it easy to start your own business selling whatever you want, wherever you want. 


Starting a mobile bike business is an easy and affordable way to get into the startup life. Bike carts require considerably less investment and upkeep than brick and mortar businesses or ecommerce stores. If you are looking for a high-quality bike manufacturer to start your bike business, check out Jxcycle. They provide a wide range of mobile bike carts to meet your unique business needs.