How To Start Your Business With A Coffee Bike?

Oct. 14, 2019

Since the discovery of coffee, it is extensively used by all. It helps everyone to stay awake and get boosted up to do their daily task. A cup of coffee after waking up boosts up all the senses so that the person might feel like up to the task. Coffee is available everywhere whether be it in the coffee shop or at office or at their living space. The aroma of coffee attracts people from different places towards itself. Even though coffee is available in abundance but they are not available in every corner. Thus, the idea of coffee bike.

How coffee bikes were invented?

Coffee bikes are modern bikes that carry coffee with them. Two students in Germany after seeing an ice cream van got an idea of creating coffee bikes. It struck them like a lightning strikes the ground that coffee is a commodity that everyone adores and love to have. Hence if coffee can be made available in all corners and all spaces then it will not just help in business but also be good for the welfare of the people. The students putting their brain and idea together and created the coffee bike in 2010 and received a huge response from the business in hand.

How well does coffee bike works as a start up?

Coffee bikes roaming around all the spaces and every corner helps the coffee bike gain fans so that the consumers love them and attracts more customers towards it. Being so innovative the people usually love to taste new things, whether it is a recycled material or new combination of technologies, by taste it is not limited to eating something. The salesman of the coffee bikes, i.e., you can become an entrepreneur as you can start your own business and you do not have to answer for whatever you are doing to your boss as there is none. Riding the coffee bike not just attracts new customers but also lets the rider roam or venture new places and attract new, unknown crowd. 

How to utilize the growing demand of coffee on coffee bikes

Who does not love being the master of their own business? Being the head of your own business, you can invest in new technologies or build new inventories on the bike so that it helps the seller to be swifter at its works pace. Usually a coffee bike contains a portafilter, it’s an equipment that grinds coffee beans, has water in them, milk and sugar. It is a perfect blender for making coffee. Though the portafilter is exclusively used for coffee but it also has mechanism to squeeze juices, hence if a customer is willing to have an orange juice, it can make juice for the customer. This one equipment is enough to create coffee for the customers and is light enough to carry to different places. Making perfect coffee for every customer, attracts new customers as the ones before starts working as an advertiser that is complementary. Because of its mobility and flexibility, it can go to places where there is a huge demand for coffee but no available space.

Some features of coffee bikes

Coffee bikes is an innovation that everyone loves. It is a less known start up and is gaining popularity by every minute. A coffee bike is the simplest investment. It is a bike that contains portafilter- which makes coffee hence the word coffee bikes. The only investment required after buying coffee bikes are that it requires coffee beans, water, milk and vegetation whichever is required by the customer for the juice. Hence it is a great opportunity to start a business with minimal investment yet make profit out of it. The coffee bikes generally have the following:

1.Heavy-Duty Steel Frame

2.Lightweight Aluminum Body

3.Heavy-Duty Tires

4.Locked-In Alignment Axle

5.Parking Brakes

6.12 Gauge, 48 Spoke Wheels

7.Rear Hydraulic Brake

8.Dual Crown Fork

9.Rear Differential

10.Vertical Storage Bumpers

11.24-Speed Drive Train

12.Powder coated Chassis and Body

Why is it better than other businesses?

Unlike other places serving coffee like a café coffee bikes require less space and investment.  A Café is limited to a particular place and can attract limited people. Once the café is filled with customers new customers will either wait or leave the café, which leads to a loss since more people could not be served which decreases the profit. A coffee bike has more appeal than a stationary café. It can roam around and cover more area than a café can. Since the space is not limited to the room, the customers can take their coffee and move to their own works making the area clear and attracting new customers, hence no customer gets refused. The investment that is made in a café is huge and still needs new investments whereas coffee bikes do not since they need investment for an equipment once, i.e., one-time investment. Even though it is a one-time investment it is still not as huge. As cafés has to maintain a minimum revenue so that they can provide for the rent of the room, electricity bill and other bills which creates a pressure for the owner of the café whereas a coffee bike does not need to be pressurized by these short comings since they are not the present.


Since the business is slowly gaining popularity it is wise for you to enter the domain before the demand for coffee bikes fall. The business being movable and flexible can be moved to different places at no cost hence they attract new customers and the rider is able to move to new places without getting bored from the same place. As coffee is a commodity that always has demand and will remain to having demand, it is a business that never gets old. Hence, the business goes on and the coffee bike remains attracting new customers making it a wonder for the customers.