Where Can You Use An Ice Cream Bike?

Oct. 11, 2019

Ice cream bike can also be known as tri-cycle ice cream bike. It is basically a van on three cycles, or it can be on 4 wheels with a rider on the front wheel. Ice-cream bikes are space friendly and you can use it as a great start-up plan and if it is executed then it can be a great hit. An ice cream bike is basically a van on wheels, where they are used to sell ice cream to people in a very easy way. It is a very tedious job, but you can pursue it as a career. Ice cream brings happiness to other people such as children and even aged people. It is a fun job for you to pursue as it will bring happiness to you and others.  When ever ice cream bike used to come to any lane or any small roads where no other ice cream seller cannot reach. It makes hard work really easy for the consumer or the customer, as they had to go to any departmental store or any supermarket in order to buy their ice cream. 

How to start an ice-cream bike business or what are the steps involved starting an ice-cream bike?

In order to start an ice cream bike, business license, a license for selling ice cream is required, resale permit as you would buy the food item from someone else, peddlers license or permit from the local police station, you should file your business involving your state tax office and internal revenue service. You should give an application to the IRS for your own employee Id number, which is needed for all your tax formalities, so you should be sure that you have proper paper with you so that no one can recognise you illegal. 

Places where you can use ice-cream bikes

There is no fixed law for using ice-ream bikes, hence you must plan properly where you can use them. The most profitable areas where you can use ice-cream bikes are:

Near Schools: Children are attracted to ice-creams easily and hence you can take your bike near to any school especially during the recess time or during the school closing time. This will enhance your business.

Near Colleges or Universities: This is another place where the sales are high. A huge number of students visits the college everyday and hence the chances of people purchasing ice-cream is high.

Near public places and tractions present in town: Tourists as well as locals visit places like museum, zoo, theatres and similar places especially during holidays. Thus, taking your ice-cream bike to such a place will increase your sales.

Near old-age homes: Humans tend to act as kids as they grow old, hence ice-creams are one of their most favourite thing. Thus, you can visit such places with your ice-cream bikes to increase your sales and also offer some pleasure to the old people in form of food.

How should you plan your route?

The ice-cream bike must have specific route through which it can travel and it must have various stopping points such as near malls, schools, parks, auditoriums where events take place, in front of busy streets or in a complex, stadiums and etc. Some educational institutes do not allow ice-cream trucks near their infrastructures. You should not traverse the same route as other ice-cream trucks or trucks which already supply that area, as it would cost you in a bad way as the loyal costumer would not buy from you and you would only waste fuel, energy and your time. You should do all your research on various ice-cream lanes and lanes that would give high income and thereby you can sell most of your ice-cream.   

Why should you choose ice cream truck business over other businesses?

There are several reasons that makes ice-cream bikes a great business over many other businesses and some of them are listed below:

  • It is a job or a business which can be started by very less investment compared to other businesses. It is business where you would have to go around places to supply your homemade or wholesale ice-cream.

  • In this business the seller or you will get the money back instantly at the time of selling the ice-cream. You can then separate out your profit amount.

  • You can use various toppings or cones as add on which will earn you additional money.

  • As per the season the rate of sale of your ice-cream will increase or decrease. In summer season you will get an increase in your sales as it is the best season for enjoying a cup of ice-cream.

  • You only need to have a storage unit where you can store the ice-cream when winter season arrives and then sell them during spring season.

  • Since it is mobile it can reach wider area in lesser time and hence more people can get attracted towards your ice cream product which is profitable for you.

  • It must also be considered that there are no extra bills to be paid except for maintenance of the ice cream bike.


The ice cream bike is a business that attracts all ages of humans be it a kid or an old person. If you can manage the business well it is the most profitable business that one could ask for. As the business can go through its own route and can maintain its profit margin. Being able to move around it can attract new crowd and you can interact with new people. Since you can reach in places where ice cream parlours are not yet created there you can capture the whole crowd and also selling ice cream at a price you desire since the demand there is high you can opt for a higher price. You being a monopolist seller can charge different people different prices depending upon the demand for ice cream. You are the seller who knows how best to use toppings on an ice cream to make it presentable and hence can win the hearts of your customers.