Ice Cream Bikes For Sale in China

Oct. 05, 2019

Do you want to start your own ice cream parlor, but do not have enough funds? Then, you can fulfill the dream of starting your own ice cream business by purchasing ice cream bikes. There is a wide range of ice cream bike models available in China. You can choose the best one that suits your needs and budget. These ice cream bikes are equipped with a freezer to store different varieties of ice creams without getting melted. The ice cream vendor can paddle the bikes to the public places and sell the ice creams. This is the cheapest and effective way to sell the ice cream and gain good business. This needs very little investment, unlike the ice cream parlor where you need to take the shop for rent, buy freezer and chairs. This costs you high where as ice cream bikes will cost you less. With little investment, you can generate huge revenue. These bikes are lightweight. You can travel in the traffic congested areas and reach your destination to sell ice creams. The best part is that, these bikes do not occupy much parking space; therefore, you can find a small space near the public places to park this bike and start to sell ice creams. 

These bikes are durable, flexible and versatile. This ice cream bike can be used outdoors and indoors. These ice cream bikes are engineered in such a way that these are safe to drive, highly operational and easy to ride. You can also promote about your ice cream business by sticking logos on the bike. 

Here are a few models of ice cream bikes that are for sale in China:

Ice cream bike JX - T06: This is the cost-effective and lightweight ice cream bike that is equipped with a freezer and a storage box. The freezer allows you to store the ice creams while the storage box will let you to store the belongings. This is very easy to operate. You do not need to assistance of any technical person to learn its operation. The body of this bike can be customized as per your requirements. You can charge the bike for a whole night and use the freezer the whole day to keep the ice creams cool without actually connecting any battery. You can buy this bike to sell creams, cool drinks or other cool beverages. This saves a lot of money and easy to operate compared to the physical ice cream stores. You can also use the body of the ice cream bike as an advertising billboard to promote about your ice cream brand and increase the popularity. The body of the bike is highly durable with the frame made of steel material.

Jxcycle New Designed Solar power motorized electric Ice cream display bike with battery freezer for sale: This ice cream bike is suitable for weddings, family gatherings, private parties and beach parties during summer. This has a separate freezer to keep the ice creams, cool all day long. You can run the ice cream business anywhere and at any time. This also has a storage box to store things safely. There is a pump and sink attached. The digital display temperature control will allow you to control the temperature of the freezer. The 100 W solar panels will let you turn on the Solar light during night times. You can charge the bike and use the freezer without connecting to the power to keep the ice creams cool.

Jxcycle New Design Ice Cream Solar Bike With battery freezer: This Popsicle or ice cream bike will allow you to sell ice creams at anytime and anyplace. If you are not getting business at a place, you can paddle the bike to another place and gain business. You can use this bike to deliver tasty frozen treats to the private parties, summer camps, schools, convention centers, parties, etc. This is highly safe and easy to ride. The best thing is that these bikes are very easy to operate over the physical stores. This bike is also equipped with a storage box and a freezer. There is enough freezer space to store the ice creams. There is also canopy on the top to protect the freezer and the ice creams stored inside it from dust and grime. 

China Jxcycle Solar power motorized new electric Ice cream display bike with battery freezer for sale: This is an electric ice cream bike that allows you to sell ice cream by paddling to any place in your locality even in the traffic congestion without trouble. This bike has a freezer to store ice creams and a storage box. There is a digital temperature control to control the temperature of the freezer from outside. The solar panel will power the LED lights which you can turn ON during night times, if you are selling ice creams late night. This has a disc brake in the front and v brake in the rear side of the bike. The freezer temperature can be changed from -20 to-10 degree centigrade. 

Jxcycle design bakfiet electric ice cream 3 wheel tricycle bike: This is a stylish bike that comes with refrigerated function. This is lightweight and easy to operate. This has enough storage space to store ice creams, cool drinks and other frozen treats. This has a sink to wash the spoons or cups and pump system. There is ample freezer space to store ice creams. The company will customize the color of the body as per your needs. If you complete the charge, you can keep the freezer cool without actually plugging in the power. There is a digital display where you can control the temperature on the handle. The solar panel will emit the LED light during night times. This is very easy to operate over the physical stores. You can use the body of the bike as a billboard to advertise about your business and boost your brand reputation. 

The above are a few ice cream bikes that are for sale in China. You can choose the best model that suits your requirements and budget.