3 Best Bikes for Your Business on Wheels

Oct. 29, 2019

When food carts first burst into the scene, people were raving about how easier, simpler, and cheaper they are to launch. The fact that they allow for a rolling operation makes them quite an attractive option for every budding entrepreneur. Today, bikes are fast becoming an even cheaper alternative. From baristas and brewers to chefs and farmers, everybody seems to be turning towards these pedaled vehicles to reach their consumers.

Advantages of bikes for business

The benefits are enormous too. There is, of course, the inherent environmentally-friendly aspect of the whole operation. If more of those businesses in urban areas were to turn towards pedaling to get their business going, then there would be fewer emissions. Then there is the cost. Food trucks, when fully outfitted for operation can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Food bikes would only cost a fraction of that.

•More efficient- Bikes are more reliable

•Cleaner- Deliveries will have zero-emission

•Versatile- A wide range of services and sizes are available

•Easier loading and parking- Bikes require less infrastructure

Choosing the right bike for business

Before going out choosing a bike for your business, there are several things you need to look into which would help you make the right choice.

Before shelling out your well-earned cash to purchase your first bike, know how you want to use it. Most people going into bicycle business are interested in selling food or beverages. Some people want to use the bike for delivering their produce or other consumer goods straight to their customers. You’ll need the proper bike to meet such a need too. Where do you want to sell and who you’ll be selling to will have to be taken into account too. You’ll want to make sure that the bike you choose is presentable wherever it is you will be selling.

You’ll need to consider your budget too. There are different types of bikes suitable for business that you can purchase at various prices ranges. Setting a budget will help you narrow your choices effectively. Taking these factors into consideration will help you choose a unit that will be outfitted just right for your business requirements.

Best bikes for your business on wheels

With so many choices out there, it can be tough to narrow down your choices. Below we have compiled our top picks for the best bikes of you intend to start a business on wheels and why we think they would make a fine choice for you.

Retro Coffee Bike

Coffee is always a good idea for business. For almost everybody, coffee has become part of their daily ritual and the number of times that people would want to grab a cup of cold or hot coffee means that it will always make for an attractive enterprise. The retro coffee bike is just like any coffee shop but on wheels.

Also known as the coffee trike, it is certainly a better alternative to a coffee shop. The initial investment cost is significantly low so there is no need for you to have a ginormous capital to get started. The fact that there is no rent to pay and no need to spend thousands on decorating costs makes it a huge advantage pocket-wise.

Flexible and mobile, it gives you more freedom where or when you would want to do business. It allows you to cover more people and places any time. On top of that, the bike is versatile. You do not even have to limit yourself to selling coffee on this bike. The number of products that you can feature on this bike range from hotdogs, ice creams, and flowers to anything else you might want to sell.

The classic, elegant design of this retro coffee bike makes it a standout too. In today’s world where everything is high-tech, shiny, and polished, people will love the nostalgia that the look and design of this bike bring so attracting potential customers will be easy.

Cargo Bike

Cargo trikes or Bakfiets have been around longer than you think. The Dutch have been using them since the early parts of the 20th century for a number of things. They can be used for delivering bread, milk, and other goods especially in areas where cars aren’t available.

The versatility of the cargo bike makes it an ideal option if you want to start a business on wheels. More than just a healthy means of transport, its design would make it a great option for carrying and transporting a lot of things. They can even be used for advertising. If you intend to start a food business, their design makes them an ideal choice for selling coffee, hot dogs, ice creams and many more.

Since its design allows means there is an ample amount of space that you can fit almost anything in, if you have plans of starting a delivery business, cargo bikes would make a fine choice. You can even use it to safely transport children or pets. The possibilities for using this type of bike as a business on wheels are just endless, making it an ideal choice for any entrepreneurial mind.

Vending Bike

If you are interested in selling your goods and make it more accessible to your consumers, this bike would make an ideal choice. The ideal mobile store for selling any goods, it is easy to transform this bike to fit the specifications of whatever you intend to sell. Whether you want to sell candy or beer, pancakes or coffee, you can just easily transform this bile to feet your business needs.

You will love that it is customizable too. Want to sell cold beverages or frozen goods? This is one bike that can get the job done. All you need to do is have it customized to allow it to refrigerate or freeze goods. Since it is mobile, you can easily reach more customers and cover more grounds, making it an even more attractive business prospect.

Choosing the right bike for your business on wheels idea is not always easy when the market is flooded with too many choices. However, when you know what you need and you know what things to look for, picking the best bike will be easier. https://www.jxcycles.com/