What is a Cargo Bike?

Oct. 30, 2019

Running errands on a car, even when you are only heading a few blocks down the road, often feels impractical. Besides, it doesn’t help that traffic seems to get worse by the day that a five minute run to the local bakeshop can take you an hour especially on a bad traffic day. 

These days, there is no longer any need for you to endure the long hours of sitting through traffic when running errands. Getting the groceries should be easier and less stressful when you hop on a cargo bike. In addition, if you have an entrepreneurial, these pedaled vehicles can be a great business idea too.

Getting to know the cargo bike

Cargo bikes are also known as cargo trikes or Bakfiets. Named quite aptly, its design makes it possible to use it for carrying groceries and other stuff. Some people even use it to transport their kids safely. 

Cargo bikes are often used to carry loads and other goods in places that are not accessible to cars. The versatility of its design means that there are a variety of things that can be transported on it. In cities, it has become a popular mode of transportation for people that want to avoid the horrors of traffic, making it the perfect transport for running errands especially during rush hours. 

Reasons for using a cargo bike

Cost effective

Most transportation these days run on fuel. Over the years, price for fuel has significantly increased, making transportation considerably more expensive. If you are running on a tight budget, you’d certainly look for transportation options that will not break the bank. 

With cargo bikes, you enjoy the benefit of being able to transport anything anywhere minus the high costs. If you are going the traditional route, then you can enjoy the added benefit of a good workout. If you want to enjoy a more modern approach, there are electric-powered ones that will require less effort from your end to run. More importantly, the costs are just but a fraction of what you’d have to spend on traditional modes of transport. 


Getting urgent stuff delivered via a cargo bike is so much easier compared to being in a car. If you have delivery deadlines during the rush hours, cargo bikes would ensure that you will get there on time as only a few people are usually on the bike lanes. The fact that they are designed to be significantly smaller and more nimble than cars means weaving through traffic is easy- making it a really ideal option for a delivery business on wheels. 


With the rest of the world taking a more serious stance against pollution, you can do your little bit of contribution to protecting the planet and the environment by going for a cargo bike. Eco-friendly and convenient, cargo bikes do not depend on crude oil which means that you aren’t emitting harmful greenhouse gasses whenever you hop into one. If you want to go for a greener option where transportation goes, the cargo bike makes for an ideal choice.

Cheaper Option

Not only do you enjoy much cheaper initial costs for getting a cargo bike, but the maintenance costs involved would also be significantly cheaper. Cars need regular maintenance to run on top of the regular fuel it consumes. Cargo bikes require very minimal maintenance and if they ever break down, replacement parts aren’t as expensive as that of cars. There is no cost to using a cargo bike and that alone makes it the more ideal, more practical choice.

Easy to use

You won’t need to learn complicated driving techniques when riding a cargo bike too. Anyone can operate it and you are not even going to require a license riding one. If you aren’t keen on having to take a driving test, a cargo bike will work best for you.

Types of cargo bikes

Several types of cargo bikes are present in the market today. Generally, they are differentiated based on their layout and whether they are electric-powered or not.


Also referred to as Long Johns, these cargo bikes are designed with the cargo box positioned between the front axle and the rider. A steering linkage and low-slung frame are often used where the linkage runs along the handlebar and all the way through to the fork. Bakfiet is the Dutch term of box bike and the design puts more emphasis on the cargo than the rider.


This is considered the longest variant of the cargo bike. It is ideal for people that intend to use it to have the most cargo-carrying capacity thanks to its spacious rear deck. This bike is designed with the cargo space located behind the rider instead of being located in the second saddle. It maneuvers very much like any traditional bicycle too.


Basically, these are just shortened long-tail cargo bikes. The design limits the cargo space which is meant to help improve it overall maneuverability. Just like the long-tail, it maneuvers like traditional bikes too.

Electric cargo bikes

Cargo bikes and electricity is a combination that works really seamlessly. Most e-cargo bikes these days use electric motors with a pedal-assist design. By average, these bikes have the capacity to run for about 50 miles, making them ideal for any user that does not want to have to exert that much effort to get from one point to another.

Perhaps one of the best things about cargo bikes is that they can be easily customized and accessorized. Their uses are not just limited for transporting cargoes and other goods too. People these days have been using theirs for business. The cargo space these bikes provide means that they can be ideal to use in any delivery business. Since they can be easily maneuvered through traffic, they won’t pose the same issues with cars that often get stuck in the middle of congested roads during rush hours.

They can be customized into food carts too. When fitted with shelving and other accessories, they can be used to sell just about anything. Considering how they can cover more places, reach more people, and give you the freedom to do business anywhere and everywhere, and they are budget-friendly means it may be time for you to consider getting your own.