Awesomely Weird Electric Tricycle of the Week Solar-powered ice-cream vending bike

Aug. 26, 2022

Dive into the abyss of the world's largest online shopping site to find something uniquely interesting, China has become the undisputed leader in electric vehicle production, and truly useful electric vehicles are the ones that attract the most attention. This week into the awesome lineup of electric bikes --- start an ice cream man business on an ice cream cargo electric bike!

This is not just any ice cream cargo e-bike, but a solar ice cream cargo e-bike! It's a perfect blend of old-school glamour and new-fangled EV tech, all wrapped up in a solution that's better than a sultry ice cream van: an ice cream bike!


Battery For bike: 36V/10ah Lithium battery;Battery For freezer : 12V/50ah Acid Battery;L*W*H(mm): 950* 520 * 800 (200L);Electrical saftly class:III;POWER supply:DC12V;Rated power:87w;Temperature:-15℃~+5℃

It’s not a particularly fast or powerful e-bike, rocking a 250 W electric motor and teetering to a top speed of 25 km/h. But it should surely get the job done,an eye-watering top speed isn’t exactly critical.

What's cool is that since the ice cream e-bike is so low on power, the solar panel on top might be enough to keep it well-charged. You won't get unlimited range, but parking time will likely keep the battery nearly fully charged.

You could probably ride to your local beach, park for several hours while you make a measurable impact on the local diabetes level, then ride home with a fully charged battery.


Many food and ice cream trucks use gasoline or diesel generators to run coolers and other equipment, adding to the smell of exhaust. But this ice cream e-bike keeps the cooler green with an onboard battery pack.

Another nice feature is the customizability of the small ice cream e-bike. You can of course choose not only the color of the bike, but also different cooler sizes.

Contact Jxcycle for more details on the ice cream bikes and order the one that best suits your requirements.