Why buy an ice cream bike from jxcycle tricycle?

Oct. 27, 2022

Jxcycle Tricycles builds and sells popsicle and ice cream bikes! The perfect low-overhead, environmentally sustainable, carbon-neutral, mobile ice cream business solution. We have a passion for ice cream bikes! Hand Built to your specifications and shipped to you, fully constructed and ready to roll when it arrives! Just hop on and roll out.

Why buy an ice cream bike from jxcycle tricycle?cid=191

There are many challenges when you operate an ice cream bike cart business-the ice cream cart permit, bike food cart license and staffing. Yes, all these things require your time. However, it is totally worth it due to the huge profits an ice cream bike cart brings to you. In order to lead you towards the success of the ice cream cart business, we, a trustworthy ice cream cart manufacturer, enumerate A few things you need to know before you start the mobile catering business with your ice cream bike cart.

 一、Be Clear About the Bike Food Cart Regulations

Many local governments provide subsidies and allowances to stimulate the growth of mobile catering business. But, they place lots of regulations and restrictions on the operation of mobile food cart business. Sometimes, the required regulations and rules on food safety, permits and passing inspections differ a lot, according to the cities and counties. Hence, it is necessary to take some time in the process of learning about each city’s regulations first. Here are some permits that most cities require before you run an ice cream bike cart business.

1、Health Permit

In Los Angle, everyone who works in the food industry should get a public health permit. Usually, it costs a few hundred bucks and must be renewed periodically.

2、Public Health License

All food facilities, including the ice cream bike carts, must get a valid health permit before operation. In addition, the permit should be posted in a conspicuous place.

3、Mobile Food Facility Permit

Mobile food carts, such as ice cream bike carts, should have a valid mobile food facility permit which indicates the plate number of your ice cream cart license and your name.

二、Plan for Your Route Creatively

As a mobile catering business, your route is everything. However, ice cream bike carts are not allowed to park in some communities and neighborhoods. Therefore, you need to know the rules that are made by the place you prepare to serve in case to minimize the trouble in parking. Here are some best locations for you to park your ice cream bike cart and start your business:Business district or office buildings、Sports Events or Festivals、Local parks、Street with many food traffic、Have a Unique Brands And Maintain It.

三、How to run your mobile catering business successfully? Make your brand spread like a virus! Then, what should you do? There are some helpful tips:

①Brainstorm a catchy brand name

Your brand embodies your ideas, values and products. Therefore, it should be unique and catchy so that clients can remember it easily.

②Take the advantage of the cart

Your ice cream bike cart is a free platform to advertise your brand. There are many options you can choose to market your brand with your ice cream cart. For instance, buy a custom ice cream cart with accessories. Some food cart manufacturers,  provide the service of customization. You can ask them to design a huge lightbox for your cart, showing your brand and the food you sell with a colorful neon sign. It will appeal to a crowd of eaters in the evening. 

Also, printing your logo and brand on your ice cream cart is a good idea.

③Use social media to Connect with your fans

Considering the high mobility of your business, the schedule is important as it informs your fans where you are going with your delicious ice cream. Social media helps to get more return customers. In addition, engage with your fans and clients regularly. You can post and gather creative ideas from your fans when you prepare to update your menus.

Why buy an ice cream bike from jxcycle tricycle?cid=191

Of course, the successful operation of our street food cart requires more than this. Your palatable ice cream, excellent customer service and ultimate enthusiasm matter. But, buying an ice cream cart or freezer bike with high quality is the first thing you should do. You can check out our website https://www.jxcycles.com  to learn more about the ice cream cart for sale! contact us!

Why buy an ice cream bike from jxcycle tricycle?cid=191