How To Make A Food Vending Bicycle Trailer

Jun. 30, 2020

How to set up a business with a food cart? The timing may not be better: the mad street food continues to spread across the world. Food on wheels is an increasing trend from busy cities to small towns. So it does not just lure for street food fans; it's all a big buck: according to Intuit, it's a $2.7 billion market, which has seen a 12.4 percent rise in all the last five years, including food vans so mobile food carts!. The growing number of urban street markets, private events, and street food festivals are encouraging traders, while the whole trend supports a global increase in the 'foodie' culture, opening up the public to new taste experiences and quality food.

The question, which raises...

What's so popular about street food?

Many claims that as a result of the slow-growing economy the road food trend is booming. Time is a factor, too. There are more and more people looking for cheap, quick, and delicious breakfasts and lunches. Street food has significant advantages, such as low start-up costs and versatility from the entrepreneur's point of view. Kiosks, food carts, vans, and food trucks have smaller overheads than supermarkets and are relocated when there is little activity at a given venue. Street food for customers is practical and cost-friendly, making this attractive to everyone: residents and tourists, students and busy professionals, frivolous individuals, and large families.

The most versatile and efficient sales cart on the market is a purpose-friendly shop on wheels. The Basic Cart is a three-in-a-one business solution for marketing, marketing, and distribution and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor locations with a clean design working in every background.

The standard version can also be used as a mobile shop, as a promotional stand or as a pre-made street food cart for marketing campaigns. Thanks to our huge range of additional pieces and accessories, the Simple Vending Cart can be customized to any function.

With our patentable universal saddle hitch device, the Basic Cart can be attached to and modified by any bike.

Pushcart Mode

The Basic Cart is equipped with an ergonomic handling guide to increasing maneuverability in outdoor and indoor locations.

Basic cart features:

The Basic Cart includes a stainless steel food counter, six storage compartments and two open storage spaces (one on either side of the cart). Otherwise, a wooden countertop can be fitted to the cart. The Basic Cart can be labeled with custom graphs either by the manufacturer or by the end-user, in two color versions, black or white.

Setting up Food Vending Bike

The countertop layout has been designed to give you a smooth and intuitive workflow from the most simple to the most complex configuration. We make sure that whatever you need is within reach and that nothing is at the same time, whether you are cooking, brewing or selling your handicraft.

Innovative chefs have infinite possibilities. You can operate your food bike as a completely independent mobile kitchen all day long if you run your cooking unit by gas. You can choose from a broader selection of cooking equipment when you choose the electric option, but you must plug the electricity into an outlet to operate the device.

Selecting the cooking unit

A wide variety of cooking units are available. The paul&ernst cooking slot in stainless steel suits professional kitchen appliances made by Bartscher and Krampouz.

Choosing colors

Make a splash of your custom food cycle! Choose the surface of your bike body as durable car paint or printed adhesive film.

Choose the surface of your bike body as durable car paint or printed adhesive film. You are seen from afar with the completely printable parasol. You can market your brand and product in combination with the graphics in the bike body at the highest level.

Gas cooking devices with a refrigerator powered by a battery and a water system allow you to run your mobile kitchen autonomously.

Setting up power

The Simple Cart has a solar panel and 12V 100Ah battery for your convenience and improves output as well as energy consumption.


• Food-graded stainless steel countertop. 

• Stainless steel body wrapped with sand trap and powder for maximum protection and resistance. Its two principal wheels are made from aluminum alloy and weigh up to 350 kilograms. The 3rd pull-back wheel is built for fixed or push cart use and needs to be pulled back during cycle towing.

The Basic Cart comes equipped with a dual traction system that comprises a steering wheel (for push-cart mode).

Why Food Bicycle holds importance?

Food bicycles have become the new trend for consumers with improved quality food (as compared to street vendors) at a marginally lower price. Food bicycles are almost all pocket-friendly. Food bicycles are an alternative to street food, safe and healthiest. Street sellers' food is generally considered to be unsafe to consume. More and more people migrate to alternatives such as small food restaurants and trucks as they become more conscious of safety.

With a mobile food bicycle, before moving into anything more important, like a restaurant-down or probably franchising your vehicles, you can develop your brand on a smaller basis. A good description of both restaurant types will help to overcome the dilemma of a few restaurants between opting for a food truck or standard restaurant. A food bicycle’s dynamics are completely different from those of a restaurant. In a food truck model, analyzing the best place, trying new recipes, amending plans and menus can be much easier than in a restaurant. Since restaurants are of a fixed nature, changing your brand name and I can be hard and costly.


Today, the future of food bicycle seems to be highly evolutive. When revenue growth continues to grow as expected, entrepreneurs who are already involved in food truck businesses have huge scope and growth opportunities.