How To Start An Ice Cream Cart Business

Jun. 30, 2020

Were you aware of the fact that Europeans buy about 9 kg of ice cream annually on average? The same is true for the US: America consumes an annual average of 22 lbs. of ice cream. Yes, ice cream demand is too strong, with more than 870 million gallons generated annually by the ice cream industry producing more than $5 billion alone in 2014.

You must, however, know several key elements specific to the niche before you start your own mobile ice cream shop. I hope you can have a good picture of just what you need to do when you finish reading this article to turn your love of ice cream into a new source of monthly revenue. Let’s start, then.

Financially speaking, it's smart to start an ice cream cart or ice cream van business because then you can always move if one location doesn't generate enough money. It’s extremely convenient for consumers because you can be almost wherever you want it to offer them a cold, delicious treat. However, you have to take many choices into account.

Things to consider before starting the business:

For every sales business, it is up to you to ensure that an ice cream cart service is willing to work in your favor. For instance, the main challenges faced by ice cream carts owners are those associated with street food laws of their local authorities, which usually tackle the selling cart and the trading places. Around the same time, we can always consider seasonal limits. If you live in an environment where the atmosphere is typically drained and muddy, then it will be a struggle, to say the least, to sell outdoor ice cream.

Besides, you can make supermarket shopping more comfortable and get the whole picture about the limitations of an ice cream cart company. However, the adage "When one door closes, another opens" applies successfully in this case: numerous ice cream cart vendors are catering for exhibitions, private events, and parties to address these restrictions. Our customers also claim the ice cream cart is leased for weddings and birthdays one of the most profitable sub-niche. Other ice cream cart business advantages include low start-up costs, great net profit, and minimal waste, and very little skill.

Mobile Vending Permit

However, it is also important to ensure that all businesses have permits from all the cities and counties in which they work and that all businesses get permits to work legally. You need to, for instance, audit the local council to ensure that the area in which you operate is zoned for food sales. You do not need a zoning permit if you stay less than 10 minutes in one place. Also, ensure that you comply with every requirement of the health code, for example, that food is kept at the right temperature and that the product's processing is minimized.

What type of Ice Cream to sell?

Prepackaged ice cream, also known as novelties, is the easiest type of ice cream to sell. It reduces concerns about food handling and facilitates inventory management. However, ShopKeep says that you have a greater income potential if you sell soft serving or scooped ice cream. However, the types of ice cream and ice cream you will sell bring more possibilities. For starters, you can make homemade ice cream sandwiches that are both cookie and ice cream for your customer.

Although most ice cream trucks offer novelties ice cream, some sell ice cream or ice cream soft-serve. New products are by far the best option since adequate freezer space is the key requirement. It also reduces certain problems of food handling, since the ice cream is prepackaged by the running of the ice cream truck.

Where to start selling? How to choose the best location?

An ice cream truck route is naturally a stopping point at near schools, parks, libraries, and sports fields. But review the laws of your city to find out if this is allowed before you decide to set up a shop in the parking lot in the nearest park. Certain municipalities are not allowing ice cream trucks to work close to schools or parks under pressure from parents or homeowners. Others may limit the playing of music that appeals to your clients.

As there is no permanent location for your business, you always have to find a perfect spot for the day. If you pick up a place, the factors that you should consider are when other food trucks or carts already competing and customers have prime hours at a certain location. Office parks, shopping centers, sports venues, beaches, college campuses, and business districts have been proven to be the locations.

Spend some good cash on advertisement

The good thing about starting a business of ice cream carts is that you have an immediately recognizable amount of marketing any time you drive down the route. But that probably isn't sufficient. So, you need to know ways to publicize your ice cream truck business a bit more creatively.

Kept to a standard route will spread word by word of mouth through your vehicle. Children who barely have learned time can trace the ice cream truck, somehow. When you change routes, when you visit different districts during different days, consider printing flyers to let potential customers know when they can expect you along your route.

Final Words

Starting an ice cream cart business is an excellent strategy for businesses that do not need a lot of start-up capital to conduct the business. When the ice cream truck seller in your town is known, consider buying a second ice cream truck and open new ways to grow your ice cream empire. Have more questions about starting a company for ice cream trucks? Post them in the following section.

It's a lot of work to start and run a mobile ice cream stand business, but it's also fun, as well as rewarding. Moreover, you become your boss and daily brighten the life of others, and these are perfect personal motivators.