How To Choose Our Street Food Cart On Tricycle

Jun. 30, 2020

Street food has become a hot topic in recent years, with people coming from miles around to taste the most popular pop-up kitchen and get their mouth packed with the new food craze. Money can be made in a street food business – whether an old-fashioned food truck, a modern street kitchen, a market stall, or a food festival. Initially, food trucks were built to feed the hungry people who are mostly working very rapidly or very late shifts and had no access to the usual opening time of a restaurant in the difficult areas of major cities. Today, however, food trucks are as highly regarded as many quality restaurants, gas pubs and wine bars on the high street and customers are currently looking for restaurants like no others. No wonder some people are trying to start their own food business on the streets – so where do you start? This guide is intended to give you all the relevant details you want to get on the path to success!

Where do I start?

It might seem hard to grasp to get you out of business, but it's not so complex and difficult as people believe! Nonetheless, the business you enter needs to be well educated. Portability is central to street food, with several vendors preferring gazebos, caravans, or trucks. Remember the logistics and storage space, and what you can initially afford. An NCASS study found that the market stall can be purchased for around £ 3,000, equivalent to a significant rise in the price of a fresh food truck. Remember, once you are established and begin to profit, you can always upgrade.

What do you like?

Think about it. What food you produce will be produced every day. So the kind of food must be LOVED. This will allow you to succeed and motivate you to continue to do so. Many traders talk of the catering smiles on the faces of their customers when they eat food as a key factor. If you want to enjoy Mexican foods or the pasta recipe of your grandmother's family to delight your customers, and if you loved the food you produce, you can do some of your jobs, get customers, get people to pick you up, and get people to make money.

How to stand out?

If you plan to start your Street Food Peddler business using a triple centered STREET FOOD BIKE, it is important to be aware that you must arrange your "working method" properly to make your business more competitive. There are many major benefits over a street food cart or tri-car for Tricycle street food. It may be entered where a motor vehicle cannot, but otherwise, the Tricycle has the limit to transport to the operational area with a Van or trailer if the location is more than 2 or 3 km away, or you park or you have to carry it in a working zone. As the street food trade is becoming more and more popular, you have a USP (Unique Selling Point) to buy. Increased the curiosity of the people by adding an unparalleled twist to an already popular dish or cuisine, which attracts greater numbers of consumers. If you have difficulties with where to start, look at our guide to define your brand identity. Differentiating your business from the rest is important. "You need to stick out if you want to succeed as a street food business. Who does not want a sandwich, then choose one that is already working? – And at that attempt to be the highest quality. 

Can you make a profit out of it?

You don't have a business if you cannot make money from your food and if you can't pay your bills you’re not going to be in business for a long time. You must make food that people want to buy, and you must do so at a price which will enable you to make a profit. You will, therefore, need to investigate the market to see whether the food you want to produce sells and can be supported in your company at a price. You also have to understand your food costs, from raw materials to salaries, equipment, pitch fees, and fuel. You must make sure your products have enough space to make them viable for sale.

What are the Pros and Cons?

There are advantages and disadvantages to any business enterprise, so it is important to weigh them to know if a street food business is right for you. I have shared the main advantages and disadvantages of making an informed choice:

1. PROS 

  • You don't need to start uploads of capital, with trailers available under £ 5000 in second hand.

  • Instead of being in a business, you can travel and be outside.

  • In the next few years, you will be part of a business that is set to grow.

  • Pitch rental is relatively affordable, so more profit is available.

  • Private work from food festivals can be found, so there is more chance of profit.

 2. CONS

  • It may take quite a long time, rather than a quick financial solution, to begin making impressive profits.

  • This is a competitive business, so established food markets can be waiting for long periods.

  • The same things will no longer be enough for you: to stay ahead of the competition, you must always develop your food and services.

Final Words

It may seem overwhelming and stressful to start up a business yourself, but street sales will prove to be so popular with customers! Merge your business skills and your love of cooking for an entertaining yet profitable venture. Your food is all about its quality. You have hard to succeed. The industry's glamorous and fun side is seen by the consumers, but the hard work is seven days a week, often compensated. It's the best job in the world when it goes well. But it can be pretty tough if it doesn't go right. But you can certainly make a success in the street food if you want to spend hours there and make a product you believe in.