Commercial Value of Beer Bikes

Mar. 12, 2020

A look away from the commercial value of a beer bike, and one will agree the opinion the that the commodity for which a beer bike was created is one meant to create fun and enjoy life. When old friends meet, families meeting after a long time, an association of old students among several other gatherings, the use of beer as a means of refreshment is but an essential part of the expected activities. Beers arouses feelings of excitement and create strong and mutual connections between and among drinking partners. Beer sells more in clubs, beaches, pools and every other kinds of social gathering involving quite a lot of individuals. The idea had often been conceived on several occasions that if bikes can vend foods, coffee and every other commodity that are fit for human consumption, then why can’t it do same for beer? This among several other thoughts and opinions however informed the manufacturing of a beer bike for everyday beer vending activity and human usage.

What are Beer Bikes?

The beer bikes; based on its ordinary and physical feature description, is a three-wheel modelled carriage that are used for beer vending activities. Beer bikes are relatively small in size, comes with pedals or electric motors that makes it easy to move along the desired location, and with built-in refrigerators that provide cooling for the beer at all time. It also comes with an electric cable, rechargeable battery or a solar panel that enhance power generation to guarantee an all-round functioning of the refrigerating set. Some beer bikes also come with a tap modelled opening with a base that leads into a beer tank, and this saves beer vendors the stress of having to empty a can or bottle of beer into a beer cup whenever the need for such arises as all they need do is open the tap and fill the cup with the customer’s preferred beer content. Beer bikes are not only easy to maintain and cheap to acquire, but also make home delivery activities for beer possible.

For Whom are Beer Bikes Created?

Questions as regards the specific beneficiaries of the beer bike invention had continued to dominate the everyday discussion in clubs and over most drinking tables. While some are of the opinion that the development of beer bike had only provided some sort of business start-up relief to the community of beer bikes owners around, some other are of the opinion that the ownership of a beer bike is not restrictive to the beer vendors alone, and that even fun loving individuals can own a beer bike and treat themselves and/or their neighbourhood to a drinking fiesta once in a while.

Truth be told, a beer bike is beneficial to everyone that love to have a feel of fun with some liquid filled cups right between their palm. Be it for the business start-up to whom the cost of acquiring a store as well as the associated expenses can be too burdensome, or to a fun loving individual to whom a cruise to the community football, basketball, and volley ball pitch could be accompanied with a few shots at beer glasses to provide the most serene of feelings; beer bikes serves the interest of the vendor and the end consumers alike.

What Features Make Beer Bikes Preferable to Drinking at Spots?

From its mobile capability that makes it usable anywhere to its small and rugged outlook that makes it thread-able to all kinds of locations and terrain no matter how sloppy, rocky or rough it looks; beer bikes guarantee the best beer enjoyment anywhere. Unlike the visit to a beer store that is defined, rigid, and deprive you the privacy you would’ve loved to enjoy with your community of friends or loved ones due to the public nature of drinking spots, the mobility capability of beer bikes afford you the opportunity to visit just anywhere of your choice with your family and friends, and have a feel of ice cold beer under a defined atmosphere of your own choice. As a friend would always say to us, the freedom of choice for drinking spots remains the greatest advantage of owning a beer bike compared to every other kind of bikes.

What are the Commercial Values of Beer Bikes?

Having made a few descriptions of the advantages that the ownership of a beer bike serves to both the community of friends and end-users as well as those of business owners, it is however also important to point out a few of the commercial values of beer bikes; and these includes: -

1.     Beer Bikes Make Access to Customer’s Location Easy: - the mobility capability of beer bikes is among the greatest commercial advantages it enjoys over every other type of beer vending platform. Unlike the beer stores that pitch their sale on the usual stop-over of their customers from their places of work, beer bikes offer a sort of commercial alternative that makes it possible for the beer vendor to get in contact with their customers (either in their respective homes, offices, by the road sides, or at public relaxation centres) and treat them to a cold beer upon request. This makes beer bike owners access a greater number of customers, and as expected sell better than their store keeping counterparts.

2.     It is Relatively Cheaper to Acquire Beer Bikes for Beer Vending Business Start-Up: - people have often asked that how much does it cost to start a beer vending business? My response to them has always been fast and direct that the beer vending business cost as little as it could to purchase a beer bike. As ridiculous as this might sound, the beer bike offers itself as an ideal kind of a beer store on the wheel. It makes beer vending possible and straight to your own desired location. It is some sort of a home delivery avenue for beers and every other related drink. And to the original beer vendor, beer bikes is the platform for business as well as that of customer relation.

3.     Require Less Marketing and Promote Sales: - the essence of any business is to yield the maximum return on investment with relatively less expenses. When compared to the ownership of beer stores, it thus becomes evident that it is only a beer bike that can guarantee this desired outcome. Aside the fact that the operation of a beer bike is free from the usual electricity, water, rent and other related expenses that is often associated with the operation of a beer store, beer bikes are also designed in such a manner that makes it fancy, catch the attention of its buyers, self-promoting in its own right and as well guarantee sales better. All these among other factors make beer bikes the most preferred for beer vending activities.