Are coffee carts profitable?

Jul. 20, 2022

Excited to start a food Cart business but not sure what kind to start? Let us recommend that you consider a Coffee Cart for your entrepreneurial dreams.

Why a Coffee Cart?Besides the fact that the coffee industry is worth over $100 billion across the globe and it is the second highest commodity in the world, coffee consumptions statistics show that Americans on average drink 3.5 cups a day. Annually, Americans will spend over $1,000 on this delicious beverage.


Coffee for All Ages:Statista 2019 report “Coffee drinking U.S. consumers by age group in 2018” shows that U.S. adults of all ages are enjoying coffee.From their reporting, the percentage of coffee drinks in the various age groups are:48% for 18-24 years. Locating your coffee Cart near or on a college campus* would target this age group.63% for 25-39 years;66% for 40-59 years; Both this group and the previous group can be targeted by having your coffee Cart near busy commerce parks*, downtown areas* and business centers*. Be the ‘easy-to-grab’ coffee vender on their way into work.72% for 60 years and older. Research local senior events, centers, and adult communities to be the vendor at their next social to target this group.*with proper permitting and permissions.More than an Average Cup of Joe.If you’re thinking, “I don’t want to just change the coffee filters and pour a cup of coffee every day.” Don’t worry. Coffee has expanded beyond your grandparent’s ‘best part of waking up’ cup. In “The Top Coffee Trends of 2019” shows that coffee is not boring.

Some of the trends this year include:

Coffee Shakes & Flavored Coffee

Ready to Drink (pre-made coffee in bottles)

Social Conscience coffee drinkers prefer “Fair Trade” & “Sustainably Grown” coffee

Cold Brew Coffee

Nitro Coffee is part of the “craft brewing” trend using nitrogen gas

Butter Coffee is inline with new diet trends

Coffee Cocktails are great for the evening crowd (liquor license required)

Profitability for Coffee Carts


Joffrey’s Coffee has their Orlando, Florida coffee Cart positioned at Epcot Center. They average around 6,000 to 8,000 sales per day. As nice as that is, what about the coffee Carts that cannot land such an energized spot for high traffic sales? Well the average coffee Cart that is out five days a week averages 800 to 1,000 sales per day of coffee sales alone. If they add on bagels, danish pastries, panini sandwiches, cookies or other upsell items like other coffee shops do, they can potentially double their sales.


Cost Savings.

Don’t forget there are cost saving benefits, too, when it comes to running a coffee Cart as a business. Coffee has a longer shelf life than most food. This means that you save on bulk purchases and incur less waste. Additionally, you’re saving prep time with a beverage business if you purchase your upsell food items prepackaged. Time saved is money saved and more time to sell is more money in your till.

Growth Opportunities.

After you have proven your concept as a success, you can add your mobile coffee business to the food Cart franchise world. Adding your brand across the nation and even the world.

Contact us with any questions about your coffee cart business needs, big or small! We are happy to share our coffee cart business advice!