Why ice cream bikes are so popular?

Mar. 12, 2020

If there is any commodity in the world today that competes with the consumption of chocolates, it is no doubt the consumption of ice creams. In the last few decades, the consumption of ice cream was a trend that was often associated with recreational centres, parks, malls, and every other social gathering; and mostly consumed among by children. Reports from International Dairy Foods Association online publication has it that about 1.4billion gallons of ice cream and other related desserts were produced in the US in 2017 alone and that the ice cream industry is worth about 11billion in dollars. What this suggests however is that the consumption of ice creams today transcend the age-long age grade barrier to include most individuals of the older generation, and also now commonly sold in streets and every other known neighbourhood location. All thanks to the development of ice cream bikes and other related devices that today make the delivery of ice ice creams to consumers possible irrespective of their location.

Why Ice Cream Bikes are Very Popular

As earlier stated, the invention of ice cream bikes had made ice cream vending to even the most remove areas easier, and this had led to the surge in the overall consumption of ice creams and the popularity of ice cream bikes respectively. Most ice cream bikes, especially the Jxcycle products, come with an electric cable that makes it possible to be connected to power anywhere, and also a battery that get charged and can power the freezer for as long as 12hours during outdoor usage and in the absence of power. In addition to these features, ice cream bikes are considered more popular in recent time as a result of the following:

1.     Easy to Acquire and Maintain: - when compared to an ice cream vehicle or a permanent store location, an ice cream bike is relatively cheaper to acquire and far less complicated to maintain. An ideal ice cream bike comes with different compartments that offers the ice cream business owner a one-stop shop on the wheel feeling. It has a freezer that makes the ice frosty and firm irrespective of weather and location, and this makes it the perfect choice for all outdoor services delivery. The compatibility of ice cream bikes with outdoor uses coupled with its street-to-street vending activities had however made it the most popular of all ice cream vending gadgets.

2.     Make Access to Customers Location Faster and Easier: - is the route to the customer’s house narrow, long, sloppy, or rough? Is it located within the city or back in the hinterland? The ability of vending bikes (an important part of which is the ice cream bike) to ply every route and get delivery to the consumer irrespective of their destination is one of the major edges it enjoys over cars and a physical store location. An ice cream bike does not only make it easy for a business owner to access a large expanse of community and make its product known everywhere, but also make it easy for the consumers as well to treat themselves to their preferred ice cream flavour and product right within the comfort of their home or offices.

3.     Makes Ice Cream Preservation Possible During Sale: - have you ever imagined yourself ordering a pack of ice cream from a neighbouring environment on a typical sunny afternoon, and the cream had already turned liquid before the delivery was made to your destination? The expression of disappointment and the inability to satiate your appetite for a cooling iced cream melting right within your mouth is one solution for which the ice cream bike was created. An ice cream bike however makes it possible for the demand for a frosty cream in a sunny or relatively warm environment to meet with the supply of such at the appropriate time, and at the required quantity. Most ice cream bikes come with built-in refrigerators that are often powered by electricity, rechargeable batteries, and/or solar panels that keep them cold, icy and as well freezing all day irrespective of the external temperature or weather condition.

4.     They are Quite Easy to Ride: - bicycle has for a very long time maintained its place as the most commonly used toy for a growing kid. Aside from being used as a form of recreation, it also helps to stretch every part of the body, get familiar with the neighbouring communities, run errands for parents, enhance mobility to a friend’s house, and most importantly used to convey oneself to school. The skill of bicycle riding often persists with most individuals until adulthood, and most ice cream bike designs comes in a bicycle-type pedal for its movement. This makes it relatively easy for most individuals to operate unlike cars for which you will not only have to get a driving school license but as well undergo a few months training to be certified fit to drive.

5.     Makes Ice Cream Delivery Faster: - due to its speed, ease of riding, size and the built-in freezer among several other features, ice cream bikes make ice cream delivery faster. Whether the delivery is being made as response to an order from a physical store, or through a street-to-street vending activity, the ability of the ice cream bike to refrigerate the ice cream while on transit makes ice cream bought firm, meet expectation, and easier to deliver compared to the use of bus or any other medium.

6.     Ease Sale and Purchase for both Seller and Buyer: - through the shop on the wheel capability that an ice cream bike offer, it becomes lot easier to make ice cream sales even to the most remote locations of the environment when compared to the use of bus or that of a physical store. A typical ice cream bike can be taken to parks, beaches, and other public utilities where a group of potential buyers can be easily accessed and adequate sales made, and this also makes it easier for a typical camper, beach visitor or someone in transit to as well grab a cup of their favourite ice cream flavour and treat themselves to its delicious cream.