Jxcycles Has Many Types of Vending Bikes for You to Choose From

Mar. 12, 2020

The essence of vending bike wouldn’t make much sense to you as the consumer of a product until you embark on a fanfare with your family, friends, and loved ones to a private location; and the thought of getting just anything within the snap of your finger pops up in your mind. It could be a decision to visit a private beach, watch a local football, basketball, volley ball match, or even pay visit to a natural island or mountain to appreciate the beauty of nature. You feel famished, wish to take something soft and spicy, and a restaurant or eatery to satisfy your appetite is not just within reach. Only then will you appreciate the presence of hot dogs, beers, and coffee bikes men that treat you to a sumptuous meal and make your stay worthwhile in the stadium, beaches, amusement parks and every other social public gathering. The hot dogs, beers, and coffee bikes as previously noted are just a few of the many vending bike categories.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Vending Bike

Having talked about the benefit of vending bikes to the facilitation of consumption, vending bikes serves a greater advantage to a business owner. Aside the ease of getting delivery for one’s product to the final consumer, it also makes access to the consumer’s location easier and thereby facilitate sales. Vending bikes however comes in different types and models, and it is important for a business owner to consider some factors before they embark on the choice of a vending bike.

Among the factors that should inform the purchase of a vending bike however includes the nature of business for which the vending bike is required, the location of target customers, the scope of delivery operation, the sales strategy for the proposed business among several other considerations. For the owner of a business or start-up that look forward to the provision of quality services with an on-time delivery to the final consumer, the use of a vending bike is just but a necessity. One will agree with me that a vending bike for hot dogs should not be designed and structured in the same manner that one meant for beer or coffee would look. As much as the equipment that make up each of these vending bikes differs based on their usage, such is the considerations that should accompany the purchase of each by any business enterprise.

The Recommended Vending Bikes for Your Business Success

Having properly analysed the above-mentioned factors to consider for the choice of a bike, and having reached a decision on the type of vending bike to acquire by a business owner, the next factor to consider however is where to get the best and most durable vending bike that guarantee business success. Jxcycles is the recommended vending bike manufacturer for the most durable and classy vending bike designs that best suit a business owner’s specification request. Jxcycles have in stock a list of vending bikes that guarantees you the freedom of choices, and below are a few of the Jxcycles available vending bike designs: -

1.     Coffee Bikes: - these comes in 4 different categories which are the classic coffee bikes, fashion coffee bikes, modern coffee bikes, and the retro coffee bikes designs.

a.      The classic coffee bike comes with a thicker tyre that increases the bearing capacity, a higher plywood quality that make the work table more durable for usage, an adjustable canopy that makes it adapt to different environments and weather changes, and a water tank, cash boxes, cup dispenser among several others to ease vending activities.

b.     The fashion coffee bikes on its own part is the ideal coffee bike version. It comes in an attractive design that makes product placement attract customer’s attention with a sink and pump for easy water accessibility and usage during coffee production. As against the other type, the size of fashion coffee bike is relatively smaller, more compact and fit for sale in narrow roads and in-between housing units.

c.      Modern Coffee Bike: - this is an improved version of the classic coffee bike. This Jxcycle class of vending bike comes with a cooling capability that make it suitable for the preservation of perishable items and also to offer cooling for coffee’s served in relatively hot weathers. The cooling technology also makes it suitable for a broader usage such as sale of hot dogs, barbecue, ice cream and many others. It also contains a bigger wall area for better advertisement purposes.

d.     Retro Coffee Bikes: - this is the last of the Jxcycles available coffee bike categories. It is best described as a coffee shop on the wheel. It is flexible, versatile, cover a wide range of distance in relatively lower time, and most important affordable for a coffee start-up.

2.     Ice Cream Bikes: - this is a Jxcycles vending bike that is specifically designed to enhance ice cream vending. The bike has an electric cable that makes it possible to be connected to power anywhere, and also a battery that get charged and can power the freezer for as long as 12hours during outdoor usage and in the absence of power. The bike is suitable for the promotion and sale of ice cream, cold coffee, beer, drinks and several others.

3.     Hot Dog Bikes: - this is one of the most essential categories of a food bike design. It comes with an adjustable freezer whose temperature can be regulated to best suit the need of the customer at all time, as well as for the preservation of hot dog making ingredients. Also inclusive of the design is a grill pan that makes the production of grilled meat, hot dog, and beersteak easier and faster. The bike also comes with an acrylic fender to enhance health and safety for the food produced, and a solar panel roofing that provide shades and electricity for the freezer and LED light for night visions.