Hot dog bikes have these features

Mar. 12, 2020

The sale and purchase of hot dogs had for long been an exclusive affair of a physical eatery and their surrounding customers. With the advancement in the electronic medium of commercial interaction however appeared a renewed form of order and delivery system for hot dogs’ consumptions; one which had since then made the use of delivery bikes, bicycles, and in some other cases cars more pronounced. With the innovation of a hot dog bike, the need for a physical space for hot dog production had significantly reduced as hot dog bikes now make possible the immediate production and delivery of hot dogs upon request to the customers irrespective of their location. This ability of hot dog bikes is made possible as a result of the features that set it distinct from its contemporaries a few of which includes:

1.     Strong Wheels: - as a result of the need to make services available to their numerous customers irrespective of their location and difficulty in accessing such locations, a hot dog bike is built with 3 strong wheels which gives it support and make it firm to the ground.

2.     Stainless Steel Finishes: - the body of most hot dog bikes is made with strong but light stainless-steel material that are designed into different colours and patterns, and built to provide ample space for the hot dog production and sale. The stainless materials are very easy to clean when stained, and possess strong resistance to humidity as well as unfavourable weather conditions.

3.     Firm Bike Frame: - this serves as the skeleton of the hot dog bikes onto which every other equipment and parts are attached. The frame of hot dog bikes is not just firm to properly solidify the entire bike edifice, but is also double-tubed to ensure stable driving when in transit. The frame mostly comes with screws which can be attached as well as disassembled from the front end of the car either during servicing exercises or during shipping preparations.

4.     Freezer: - most hot dog bikes, especially those produced by Jxcycles, comes with an inbuilt freezing machine used in the preservation of hot dogs making ingredients. This inbuilt hot dog bikes’ freezer also comes with an adjustment button to regulate the temperature and make it suitable for the preservation purposes such as cold drinks, ice cream among several others.

5.     Grill Pan: - this is another of the inbuilt cooking utensils in an ideal hot dog bike. The grill pan is an aluminium or sometimes light metallic substance that makes the cooking of grilled meats, hot dogs, beersteak among other commodities fast and convenient.

6.     Solar Panel Roofing: - the use of solar energy as its major source of electricity as against the use of fuel or other types of electric power generator simply portrays the Jxcycles hot dog bike product as an environment friendly type. The solar panel roofing, aside from providing shield against the contact of the freezer and the cooking platform with the direct rays from sunlight, also act as an energy source for the power of light for evening activities and sales, as well as for the proper functioning of the built-in freezing device.

7.     LED Light: - without a proper lighting to provide clear vision, an evening and night business will be quite impracticable. This thus suggests the function of the hot dog bikes built-in LED lights which aside from acting as instrument for the realisation of a clear vision in the night, also provide warmth and a catching outlook that steal customer’s attention.

8.     Huge Pushing Handle: - when in motion, it is very important for a hot dog bike rider to hold onto the pushing handle so as to enhance physical support and gain balance for an easy ride.

9.     Hydraulic Brake with Option of Parking Brake: - since the topography of every environment differs, a hot dog bike often comes with a hydraulic brake which allows for firmness in sloppy areas, and a parking brake that makes it easy for the rider to pull aside as at when due.

10.  Space for Sauces: - since the design of a hot dog bike permits the rider to make hot dogs while on transit, the bike thus comes with a sauce pan space where each of the ingredients used in the production of hot dogs are properly placed for proper safe keeping and easy access as at when required.

11.  Sink: - most hot dog bikes also comes with a sink built in a side shelve with a water container located at the top of it. This require no electricity to power but rather a gravitational power from the water that drop directly into the sink. Such water can be used for washing dishes used and for the cleaning of utensils. Used waters store in a bottom cabinet beneath the sink and can be easily removed and thrown off whenever the need beckons.

12.  A Storage Cabinet: - this is the mini store part of the hot dog bike where every other material used in the hot dog production process can be stored and made use of at a later time.

13.  Master Key: - due to the need for efficiency and the lack of appropriate time to shuffle among keys in other to open the different shelves and cabinet in a hot dog bike, a master key can be made for easy access to all cabinets in other to ease access to the stored materials as well as provide security for them all.

14.  Shelve for Prepared Hot Dogs: - this is the shelve that is specifically designed for the storage of already prepared hot dogs. It provides a good and attractive sight to the customers, and also make it easy to respond to instant hot dog orders which would have been difficult to process if the customer have to wait for the hot dog to be prepared afresh. The shelve for the prepared hot dog is also designed in a manner that automatically create warmth and prevent the prepared hot dogs from unnecessarily getting cold within a short time.