Most Successful Small Businesses – Food Bikes

Nov. 15, 2019

Small business defined as an independently owned and operated business with limited size/capacity and limited employees. The number of small business that’s coming up across industries is on a rise and one such successful business model is mobile Food Bikes. 

Food bikes are the most ground-breaking concept and its gives endless list of possibilities to the cooking enthusiast with business acumen. Food bikes are also great option for people who need the food on the move. With the fast paced life lifestyle that most of us live, mobile food bikes are becoming popular for quick, cost efficient and tasty food. Since all people coming here are on the go, waiting time is minimised and food menu is also simple and easy to choose. Food Bike business is a complete mobile service station food, with a flexibility to move across anywhere. These are eco-friendly bikes, commercial utility bikes and simpler a way to own a restaurant. Sometimes food bikes are used as food sampling counters and brand awareness vehicle, playing major part as an advertisement medium. 

With food bikes being more accepted among the people, there are companies like JxCycles that have exciting models of these food bikes that cater to all needs of food lovers and businessman. 

Jxcycle Hot Dog Bike 

This is considered as a friendly bike. The main advantage of this type of bike is that it can be used at both indoors and outdoors. It has the following characteristics:

1.Freezer that’s best suited for ice creams & cold drinks. The temperature of the freezer can be adjusted as desired.

2.A fast and convenient grill pan that helps to cook and grill the meat, hot dog, beer steak etc

3.An acrylic fender as safe and healthy option for food.

4.LED lights – an eye-catching way to gain attention and let people know where we are. The LED fixtures give the warmth and light for the evening. 

5.The bike also has solar panel roof that provides the required energy for the light and freezer. 

The bike comes with a customised colour options to suit your likes or brand preferences. Can take a maximum weight of 300Kg and has total trike length of 2700*1000*1030 (Length *Width * Height) and cargo box length of 1500*1000* 680 (Length *Width * Height) just as sufficient to run your food stalls. There is also an inbuilt 250 watt motor and 36V /10AH lithium battery and strong brake options of disc brake of V brake manual option. 

JxCycle Classic Coffee Bike 

Coffee bike are the most popular small business food bike models. The JxCycle coffee bikes come with great features:

1.Strong Tyres- The thicker tires boost the capacity of the trike body

2.Have a strong food table that’s made with better thickness and an excellent plywood material

3.The canopy can be changed for height, giving easy access to different locations

4.Gives you option to install additional utensils such as water dispenser, cash boxes, cup holder etc.  

You can load upto 350Kg and has total trike length of 2540*1000*1100 (Length *Width * Height) and cargo box length of 1360*700* 670 (Length *Width * Height). Brake types available are Disc Brake or V-Brake and an inbuilt 250 watt motor and 36V /10AH lithium battery. 

Jxcyle Modern Coffee Bike 

This is more than coffee bike. This bike is used extensively for marketing and product promotion and is multi-purpose vehicle, that is used for selling – hot dogs, BBQ , ice creams to name a few. The bike is comparatively smaller in size with dimension of 2300*980*1030mm ( L*W*H)  and cargo box size of 1215 * 980 * 670  with a weighing capacity of 300kgs 

Jxcyle Retro Coffee Bike

Also known as Coffee Trike is quite different from the traditional coffee shops. This coffee bike is low investment product with no major rent expenses and beautifying cost. You are also free to take the coffee bike to different places during the day and as many times as you need. As a business person you have the flexibility to operate the time you want and location you prefer. The other benefit is you get to choose your business, meaning the retro coffee bike gives you the option to sell variety of products from coffee, hot dog, burgers, sandwich, books & newspaper, flowers or anything you find worthwhile. 

By vehicle dimension this is the biggest. With trike size of 3150*900*1200 and cargo box of 1900*900*300 gives sufficient space to set-up all that you need for the type of business for the day/season.  The bike also runs on motor capacity of 500W and can carry upto 300kg and comes with strong disc brakes option. 

Food bikes make great business model as compared to other business for the following reasons:

1.Its business that can be started with low investment and you choose the locations to have your sales

2.It’s instant profit. People pay by cash and you get to see immediate money back for your investment. 

3.As an entrepreneur you are free to bring-in new food items and recipe combinations at your will. If the taste works out good it will become super famous and if not you have the comfort for removing from the menu list. 

4.You know your menu and the average sales on daily basis and just need to stock for what’s required depending on the season/time. For E.g. summer season you need to stock more ice creams and cool items as compared to coffee. 

5.Since its small vehicles you get to move quickly midst traffic and cater to different locations depending on the time for sales.  Afternoon time will be best suited to halt the shop outside schools and office complex, whereas evening time a hangout spot such as parks and shopping zones will be ideal. This way there is never dull time for your business. 

Food bikes as business model attracts all sexes and ages. Once you get the pricing and food taste right, this small business is certain to grow into multi-scale large business with huge profits.