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Dec. 25, 2019

Cargo bikes are becoming the latest trends for people to go around for small errands or to carry their children from school. Most of the parents are swapping their cars with a cargo bike today. These bikes are most popular in the western world and all around Europe. There are lots of financial, environmental, and health benefits of using a cargo bike. There are different types of cargo bikes; some are two sitters, some have space where your child can sit with you, and some have other features to carry simple things. You can choose the bike as per your requirement. 

Getting out of your car for every small task and work can be very frustrating, especially if you are living in a busy area. A cargo bike enables you to go to local areas in less time without much fuel consumption. Nowadays, many companies are manufacturing cargo bikes that use electricity as fuel. These electric cargo bikes are not only affordable, but they are also environment-friendly. 

Cargo bikes can actually be called a horse cart that you don’t have to feet. No doubt, it is excellent for local visits, but you can’t carry considerable loads in your cargo bike. The cargo bikes can become your family vehicle, your work truck, or your moving van, it can be anything you want for a safe and convenient commute.

So if you have made up your mind to buy a cargo bike, there are few things that you need to consider before purchasing the best cargo bike for your family:

Use and infrastructure:

Before purchasing a cargo bike for your family, think about the things that you will be carrying around, the kind of road on which you will ride your bike, and your need for a cargo bike. These are the essential consideration that you must think about. Bakfiets and long tails are great options for transporting kids and groceries. But backfites can’t be the best option if you don’t have a good road. Also, take time to think about the size, shape, and weather-resistance of the bike you are planning to buy. 


Storage is a very important consideration that you should look for before buying a cargo bike for your family. The box bikes and trikes can’t be lifted by one person and can’t be carried easily downstairs. Thus if you are living in a multi-storeyed building, you should not think about buying box bikes. Always try to ride a bike that has some or the other form of storage options so that you can carry something when you are moving. 


Nothing can stay for longer if you don’t maintain it well. And emergency maintenance is not too easy for a cargo bike. Thus try to buy a cargo bike that requires less and affordable maintenance. Don’t go for bikes with long chains and complicated internal systems. The bike, which has a simple structure and the internal system, will last longer and will require less maintenance cost. 

Electric cargo bikes:

No doubt, electric cargo bikes come with higher price tags, but they are great for hilly terrain. There are different types of electric cargo bikes that come at different designs and prices. You can know about them in detail via visiting the website of JX Cycles at-

Price and accessories:

Price should not be your sole criterion when you are buying a cargo bike, but it should be important criteria. Try to go for the bike that you a good value for the money you have paid. Some of the accessories that you can look for in a cargo bike include secure lock system, a good kickstand, and a strong cargo basket.

A cargo bike is essentially any kind of bike that is designed specifically to carry loads. Some of the best cargo bikes that you can buy for your family include:


These cargo bikes have an extra-long wheelbase, and an extra deck to carry loads or even your kids. You can get amazing longtail cargo bikes at an affordable price at


These kinds of cargo bikes have a long wheelbase at the front and a smaller front wheel. An attached box-like basket stands at the front, and it is located closer to the ground. Many brands build amazing baklets, and you can choose the best design as per your requirement.

Electric cargo bikes:

These are not only affordable and comfortable cargo bikes, but they are also environment-friendly cargo bikes. 

Cargo bikes can be a good replacement for your scooter or cars. You can use a cargo bike for lots of options like carrying your kids to school, going for grocery shopping, or just for a ride around the city. Choose your cargo bike wisely by looking at the points mentioned above.

Happy paddling!!