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Dec. 22, 2019

Everyone loves delicious food. And if you think you have knowledge, passion, and dedication to cooking great food, why not start a food business?

Of course, not everyone has unlimited money and investors who can invest in their food business. So why not start your business on a food cart, or if you have enough money, you can also buy a food truck. 

But most often people get confused about whether they should buy a food cart or a food truck and what are the differences between them.

In this article, we are presenting you with the benefits as well as demerits of both forms of business. This will help you to make a proper choice between a food cart and a food truck.

So let’s get started!!

Starting a food cart business:

A food cart is basically a mobile kitchen that can be set up on the street to sell food to the people. When you sell food on a food cart, you can sell food to the pedestrian going around. Since food in a restaurant are a bit expensive, and not all people can afford a restaurant made food, you have an excellent opportunity to sell affordable and delicious food from your food cart.

Benefits of a food cart business:

●To set up a small food cart, you don’t need much investment. You can start with business with a little amount of capital that is needed to buy a cart and other equipment.

●The best part about food cart is that it is movable and it can be moved to another location if you are feeling that you are not getting enough customers

●With food carts, your customers can see you cooking delicious food for them. This builds better customer relations as compared to a food truck or restaurant business.

The downside of a food cart business:

●A food cart is a very compact device, and sometimes you can have space crunch when you think about cooking more items. It can also cause hygiene and cleanliness issues

●Unless your food cart is located near your location, you have to transport it daily to a safe location at the end of the day.

●You can’t keep an unlimited menu like a restaurant in your food cart. This is because you have space crunch and equipment crunch. In addition  to it, not more than one person can work on a food cart. 

Starting a food truck business:

Food trucks are more spacious, convenient, and can serve and cook for a large number of customers as compared to the food cart business. 

Benefits of a food truck business:

●Starting a food truck business requires less investment as compared to a restaurant business. The initial investment, as well as operating cost, is less in a food truck business.

●You can cook a large variety of food in a food truck. You don’t have to worry about extending your menu. Since a food truck doesn’t lack space, you can conveniently cook different varieties of food.

●Just like a food cart, a food truck is also movable, and you can carry it anywhere you want

The Downside of a food truck business:

●Sometimes you can’t buy good crockery, invest in the menu and add more people to your team in a food truck business. This is because it is not like a hotel business that will give you rich and regular customers. 

●Most food truck owners face the problem of branding. Most restaurants can easily be converted into a brand name. But to convert a food-truck into a brand takes a lot more dedication and passion.

●If you can’t find a good location for your food-truck business, you can even face a huge loss. Thus, it is very important to find a location that can guarantee you a large number of customers every day. Since most of the food-truck business serve pedestrian and people around the market, getting a regular customer is not guaranteed. 

The present generation loves to eat food on the streets rather than going to a fancy restaurant. Thus the food cart and food truck business, both can be profitable for you. Many instances of the food cart and food truck businesses have garnered highlights from media because of the amazing profits they have earned. 

Just like any other business, both types of businesses have challenges and advantages. Thus, it depends upon you and your requirement about which business to choose. If you have enough money to spend, you can go for a food truck business. But if you lack the budget, a food cart will work fine for you. The best part about the food cart is that it doesn’t need much space and much legal requirement to start a food cart business.

No matter which form of business you choose, a food business will always rock because food is liked by everyone, and no one can live without food.

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