The mobile coffee shop, here we go!

Aug. 28, 2018

Traditional cafés have fixed stores that sell both coffee and space; while mobile coffee shop combines takeaways with cafes, with no space and restrictions on fixed spaces,with flexibility, whoever moves the mobile coffee shop. Coffee business is looking for a store from a person, and a shop is looking for someone!

With the expansion of the mobile sales market, mobile coffee shop will not only appear in the lively corner, but we also often encounter it in music festivals, food festivals or scenic spots. If you encounter such a mobile coffee shop during your trip, stop by for a cup of coffee and experience the local flavor. If you have such a cafe dream, the mobile coffee shop lets you know that you can not only do what you like, but also be more interesting.

The mobile coffee shop provides great convenience for office workers who rush to go out and have no time to eat breakfast every day. The more important purpose is to provide a job and income for the low-income group and the unemployed. In addition to commercial operations, mobile coffee shop also facilitates participation in community activities in the coffee corner, contributing to community development, including cooking or assisting in various events.

mobile coffee shop.jpg