How about the coffee trike suppliers in China?

Aug. 30, 2018

At present, coffee culture is not as mature in China as it is abroad, but the Chinese people's coffee consumption habits are slowly being cultivated, and China's consumer market has always been insignificant. Perhaps everyone's understanding of the coffee culture, most of them still stay in the bourgeoisie of the coffee shop, is the invigorating agent for refreshing at night. And we Jxcycle as chinese coffee trike supplier hopes to provide a more convenient service for friends who like coffee through the new coffee sales model of coffee trike.

For the business model of the coffee trike, it is very simple. It is to put all the equipment needed for making coffee, such as coffee machine, kettle, pool and other equipment and materials on a trike. Wherever people ride, they sell coffee. Time and place restrictions. The traditional cafe is a shop for people, and the coffee trike becomes a shop to find someone.

The chinese coffee trike supplier Jxcycle has been producing coffee trike for ten years. It has mature systems in terms of experience, technology and production processes. The export quality and reputation of many years have also brought customers in many regions around the world.  And as you know,the coffee trike suppliers in China have high quality products and better prices.If you are interested, whether it is an individual buyer or a distributor, please contact us and we will be happy to help you!

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