Difference Between a Coffee Bike and Coffee Shop

Mar. 26, 2020

The consumption of coffee; to many individuals, is but an everyday routine. Aside from the fact that a cup of coffee for everyone had become an official early morning routine upon which the activities of the day in many offices is commenced, such also serves the bond of friendship to which most dates and lovely outing are mostly associated. While some individuals would prefer to hang out on a date at a particular coffee and snacks store to discuss offer a business offer, contract or love as the case may be, some others will rather prefer to be served a hot coffee while having a cool feel of nature by a lakeside, riverbank or swimming pool. While both coffee shops and bikes are known for the delivery of the same kind of product (i.e. coffee), their mode of operation, however, sets a huge difference between them among which includes: 

1.Coffee Bike is Mobile while a Coffee Shop is Not: - while a coffee shop is a static physical location that is mostly visited by individuals in other to make purchases for coffee, a coffee bike, on the other hand, is a mobile coffee store type. Unlike the coffee shop that is identifiable with a physical location and with chairs and tables that serves as the coffee drinking spot for the customers of that store, a coffee bike is a mounted coffee store type on a carriage device with wheels that makes it possible to move from one location to another. Unlike the coffee store that requires the buyer to make a physical visit to the store or request order for the coffee to be delivered at a specified location, the mobile nature of coffee bikes makes the coffee vending activity easier and makes home delivery possible.

2.Coffee Bike Saves the Cost of Delivery as It Offers Both Sale and Delivery: - the electronic nature of commercial activities and its accompanying development in mobile technology had invariably led to the development of a new group of consumers; ones that prefer to purchase practically anything of their choice from virtually any location. While these could be said to have become a trend in the purchase and sales of electronics, automobiles, clothes and every other kind of commodities in recent times, the coffee business outlet is also not left out. While this makes it incumbent for most physical coffee stores to now engage into a home delivery services for most coffee consumers which often comes at a little extra cost or sometimes makes the delivery quite late or stale, a coffee bike on the other hand offer itself as a shop on the wheel sales outlet that makes the production of the coffee possible at the consumer’s desired location thereby giving them the freedom to influence the quantity of their coffee, sugar and milk composition, as well as the water quantity that should be employed.

3.Coffee Business with Bikes are Cheaper to Start-up: - unlike the physical coffee stores that require the acquisition of a store, furnishing the said store with kitchen utensils that aids coffee production, and some chairs and tables to entertain customers whenever they come to have a feel of the coffee being sold; coffee bikes rather make sales possible to the customer’s desired location, begs no need for chairs and tables to entertain customers, and often relatively cheaper to acquire and start-up when compared to a shop. In addition to these advantages, coffee bikes are also relatively cheaper to run as it requires fewer expenses. While a coffee shop will require the owner to pay rents, electricity and water bills; coffee bikes only require regular maintenance and servicing and not much of bills as its shop counterpart.

4.Coffee Bikes Attracts more Sales: - the ease of access and the home delivery capability of coffee bikes that makes it easy to deliver freshly made coffee to the customers from within the comfort of their respective locations is one of the most known advantages of a coffee bike over coffee stores. While a coffee store is defined by a specified location and can only be accessed through its physical addresses, a passer-by and car owner can easily stop by a coffee bike and grab a cup of coffee for their pleasure without necessarily having to drop from their automobiles. To this effect, however, coffee bikes attract more sales compared to the coffee shop counterpart.

5.Coffee Bikes Makes Delivery Easier: - the mobile nature of coffee bikes and its ability to thread through different terrains whether sloppy or rough also makes it easier for coffee delivery services. It can be employed as an independent coffee sales outlet or used as a mobile coffee vending platform for an already known and recognised coffee brand. Vending bikes do not only access the location of the consumers but also makes freshly made coffee delivery possible to their respective locations.