Best Vending Bikes for your Business

Sep. 05, 2019

The new age mantra for any successful business is to take the offerings to the customer and show it upfront so that they can immediately decide on making a purchase. Towards realizing this aim, vending bikes can be a superb addition to any business as many types of products can easily be displayed through them. Especially for food items, vending bikes can be a fantastic concept as foodstuffs can be directly taken to the end consumer without them having to visit a shop or outlet. There can be many types of business vending bikes and some of them are discussed here for complete understanding. 

  • Hot dog vending bikes – Who doesn’t like to have hot dogs especially, when it can be procured while enjoying a stroll at a popular place? That is why there are many types of available hot dog vending bikes. Some of them can serve readymade hot dogs fresh and warm by simply having a thermally insulated box while others can have a full-elaborate system of making the item. The latter ones are usually designed to make freshly baked hot dogs with some sort of portable heating arrangement that can be easily carried along.

  • Ice cream carts – Who does not know these carts as they are quite popular in many areas worldwide during the peak summer season. As a matter of everyone’s knowledge, these carts are a part of many ice cream company’s marketing strategies as they help in attracting consumers to them with their dazzling colors and variety of ice cream choices.

  • Cotton candy bike – All kids love to have cotton candy and there are a few amongst us too who may like them. These candies can be made on a bike very easily by making some low-cost modification to an existing one. What one needs to make such a bike is a cotton candy machine, electric accumulator, sticks, and sugar with an arrangement to hold the machine at its place. That’s all! This type of bike can be very suitable for businesses that deal with the product.

  • Popcorn on bikes- Fresh popcorn can be made quite easily and that is why many types of popcorn vending bikes are getting very popular. Only the popcorn machine inside a glass chamber has to be fitted on a bike and the business can be made ready within no time! Additionally, having some cool flavors or other attractions to the bike can also be helpful to attract more customers.

  • Crepes vending bike – People love to eat crepes as it is a food item that can be consumed at any time of the day. Making it is also very easy so that a bike can be modified to make crepes and it can be a viable business model. If that is not desired, a business can always sell readymade crepes packed in thermal boxes so that customers can get hot and fresh crepes of their choice.

  • Selling roasted chestnut – Roasted chestnut is one item that many people love to gorge upon and making it is also not a big deal. Therefore, a bike can easily be converted to make roasted chestnut in a small area and that can be sold while moving from place to place. Customers can enjoy freshly roasted chestnut while a business can prosper with many such bikes at different locations.

  • Sourcing seasonal food – Sourcing natural quality food from farmers and selling them across to customers can be a very profitable and lucrative business proposition. It can be done on a bike-based business model so that any bike can be converted for selling them by making space on them for displaying the product. The display can be made either at the front or at the back depending on one’s preference and viability.

  • Snack bite – A display for snacks can be made either at the front or at the back as customers can see them easily and make a purchase accordingly. A greater number of snacks in a bike can attract more attention and hence, greater will be the sale. Any additional warm-up device in the vehicle can act as a crowd-puller because more customers can be drawn by it as people generally want fresh and warm items for eating.

  • Fruit bikes – Everyone prefers healthy lifestyle and fruits can be one of the best ways for the same. These types of bikes are very common in many areas as fruits can be displayed and sold by them. Clean fruits with vitamin and nutrient information on them can help people understand their importance and customers will throng these bikes once confidence is built up for the business.

  • Taco bikes – Tacos are very healthy and fast eating alternatives. A taco business based on bike vending can be very well-received by customers as people usually do not have alternatives for this healthy food. Most importantly, tacos need not be made over the bikes and readymade ones can only be displayed within a glass casing. The casing can be fixed either at the front or at the back depending on preference and suitability.

  • Mobile florist – A flower business on vending bikes can be a very suitable proposition. Many times, people do not get flowers in far-flung places and delivery by a bike can make things easy for a lot of customers. People can get fresh flowers and business can thrive well with ease. Moreover, there is no need to modify a bike substantially. Only some small cosmetic changes can be enough to display the flowers with ease.

  • Mini kiosk – Displaying and selling a lot of items can be very easy on a vending bike that has a small display in it. Small items like chewing gums and tissues can be sold easily on a vending bike so that people can get these items with ease.  

These are some of the best types of vending bikes that a business can easily use for taking their products to customers. Vending bikes have become popular in recent times due to the easy reach that they enjoy while at the same time customers can also get what they want with considerable ease. Therefore, businesses can take a cue from these ideas and develop a model accordingly.