Best Food Bikes For Your Business

Sep. 05, 2019

Various food delivery apps have mushroomed in recent times and some of them have also met with significant success. What it practically means is that food delivered by bikes have become a roaring success and that has also turned the spotlight on food bikes so that many people and businesses have woken up to the idea. It is an innovative concept as many types of foodstuffs can be offered by it. 

The best part is that it is a green initiative and one can also contribute towards the environmental cause while conducting business. There are some cool food bike ideas that people and businesses have already drawn upon. In the subsequent sections, we try to take a look at some of them so that the best food bikes can be identified in greater detail. 

  • Bike with an insulated carrier – It is the one that most of us are familiar with. From pizza delivery to restaurant orders and many types of party treats, food is delivered through these bikes that have a thermally insulated career at the back. The size of these careers can vary but mostly they are made to accommodate 20 liters. Now, that can be quite a lot considering that food is normally ordered by households or offices and hence, a carrier can be enough to take care of most needs. What’s more, since it is insulated, foodstuffs remain hot for long while at the same time being safe for consumption.

  • Three-wheeled cafe – It can be one of the cheapest and smallest cafes in the world as this mobile three-wheel pedaled vehicle can reach a large number of customers with ease. Various types of drinks and beverages can be served through this bike as it is well-equipped to make and handle many types of drink combinations. It is a good combination of pedal and solar energy so that there is ample power at all times to take care of its needs. The eco-friendly vehicle can surely catch the attention of many people and that can always be advantageous for any business!

  • Bike with wooden box – It can be one of the elementary types of food bikes that can easily be designed on any bike. A large and spacious wooden box can easily be mounted on a frame at the front on top of the front wheel so that the rider can place foodstuffs inside it. Businesses can stay assured that the foodstuff will stay secure and safe while at the same time the rider can drive without any worry. This type of food bike can be very suitable for event catering, delivering to picnics or to help dinner parties. A large amount of food can easily be delivered in this way while also maintain a neutral carbon footprint.

  • Coffee-vending bike – What is someone had said a few years back that a coffee machine can work without electricity? Well, that might have seemed insane at that time but some tricycles can help in enjoying fresh beans without utilizing grid power. This type of tricycle makes use of a coffee maker that is motor-less and also makes very little noise. Everything is controlled by the pedal power on which it thrives. It is a custom-made rear-steer vehicle that can work wonders for any environmentally conscious entrepreneur.

  • Mobile kitchen bike – It is a more sophisticated version of business food bike as many types of hot cheese sandwiches, burgers, and tacos can be delivered by it. It has inbuilt propane stove and blenders that is attached at its rear and can be set up with ease at any place. The career portion behind the seat can be used to serve the food so that customers can easily enjoy their favorite item without holding them in hand. For the convenience of the rider, all accompaniments and propane kit can be stored in a small carrier mounted on the side. Hence, it can be a superb food bike for delivering many types of fast food. 

  • Three-wheel ice-cream freezers – For selling frozen ice-creams and other types of frozen desserts, this type of tricycle can be very helpful. The freezer is thermally insulated from the ambient environment and once the ice is poured into it, it can retain its form for long that can help frozen foodstuffs stay the same for a long time. It can be mounted on the front portion of the cycle and is amply supported by the two wheels on either end. The rider can stay assured of the ice-creams and desserts inside the freezer and variants can also be changed as per business needs.

  • Momo carts – There is no doubt that many of these are already there in the market but still it can be a cool idea for a food bike business. Momo is a type of steamed dumpling that has its origins in Nepal. However, this type of cart can also be used to sell yogurt drinks or some Indian menus like lassis or dal-bhat. This type of bike will not require anything elaborate except for having the typical vessel in which Momo is prepared from steam. Therefore, it can be a fantastic business food bike to deliver many types of food items.  

We have seen here some of the best ideas of food bikes that can easily be chosen by any business that plans to take its food to the masses. These mobile food bikes can help in serving fresh items to customers while at the same time they are eco-friendly and help towards conserving nature sufficiently. Therefore, depending on suitability and practicality, any or many of them can be chosen by a business to strengthen their operations.