Beer bike for sale | Beers On Wheels

Oct. 18, 2018

As we all know, beer is a fast-moving consumer that relies heavily on channels. Compared with the terminal distribution rate of more than 80% of famous brands, the new brand can be said that there is no way to confront traditional channels. 

Today, a post-90s entrepreneur has taken a different approach and adopted the take-out-and-send mode. This has to be said to be a bold attempt. It needs a distinctive new product that is different from traditional beer to support it. It is the Jxcycle beer bike

beer bike.jpg

The Jxcycle beer bike has been "fun" in product design, not only good, but also more fun. Using the selling point of beer bikes, in nearly 10,000 kinds of wine products, with its fashionable appearance, innovative operating mode and unique community attributes, the exhibition will be detonated. In the future, we expect beer bikes to continue to detonate the market.