Why are cargo bikes good?

Jan. 31, 2023

The space of the cargo bike is four times smaller than that of the car, and it can carry four children at most, so it is very useful and efficient. cargo bikes only account for a small part of the parking space required by cars, and are a cheaper and safer choice for family daily car travel.


It is not good to waste time on unavoidable tasks. Fortunately, electric power-assisted cargo bikes make it easier for people to give up driving and pedal almost anywhere. The latest generation is easier to customize and use than ever before; Electronic auxiliary system and modular installation system mean that today's bakfets and long-tail cars are more and more suitable for your fuel-consuming SUV. United Parcel Service and disaster relief managers around the world use cargo bikes to transport goods to places where cars can't reach, and can easily pack groceries for a week to cars through the traffic flow on the bicycle lane. Whether you buy supplies from IKEA or decorate your room, there is a freight bicycle that can help you pass through the vehicle.

 Are cargo bikes safe for children?

Are cargo bikes safer than child seats? Absolutely your child's weight on the freight bike is lower, making it more stable. If you go down, they won't fall that far.

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