The Coolest Food Bikes

Jul. 21, 2020

The hottest trend may be for Food Bikes. Food bikes are a new generation of affordable and green food vehicles. The trend of food trucks has gained so much momentum that not enough tires seem to be left in America to carry along a new trend in mobile kitchens like a food-bike. While not comparable to the number of food trucks pedaling through city streets, they quickly grow into a mobile alternative for urban operations. Because bike-powered food service concepts are becoming more popular throughout the country in dense, urban areas, food trucks are more likely to give way to their two (or often three-wheeled).

Thanks to the self-sustaining operating mode of the Coffee-Bike, coffee lovers can enjoy fine hot drinks at the most exceptional places: whether on the weekly market, on a street corner, in the park, or particularly for catering events. The mobile coffee bar draws the attention of the public.

The coffee bike is a fine, high-quality mobile coffee-shop that is fitted with a professional portafilter unit, specially designed coffee grinder, juice squeezer, sufficient storage methods, and many more features, with little room and an unbeatable reduction in investments.

Different types of Food Bikes

1.Hot Dog Food Bikes

Mobile hot-dogs trading in play, parks, markets, busy places, intersections, underground stations, shopping centers. You can easily change places by following this unique design and decision to any place at any time. All the inventory for self-employment is available in sales bikes. Bikes can be made in line with the client's needs, design changes, your specific trademark can be developed.

The Hot Dog Cart can be used as a pop-up mobile dining area, as a Saison hot dog cart, or can be mounted in commercial establishments as a stationary hot dog shop, ideal for both outdoor and indoor locations. The cart can be rented or run as a fully mobile catering company for private events.

This adaptability makes the Hot Dog Cart suitable for both startups and established companies with the intention of further expanding or supporting their existing services.

2.Beverage Bikes

Beat the flow of the food truck by pedaling the Beverage Wheel! Our mobile drink carts help to park people 's thirst everywhere! Hot or cold, we are made for your company by our tricycle carts. A solution for mobile sales cart operated by you! The perfect way to sell, manufacture, and distribute all drinks. Roll the items out and feed them in style – tricycle style! 

Mobile drink carts to roll your drink business! A perfect combination of a traditional sales cart and a bicycle. Imagine that as a distributor on the steel – a distributor powered by your feet! No arm pressure from the trick. A carbon-neutral business model with wheels that is eco-friendly, environmentally sound. All our beverage bike is handmade, checked and fine customized to your requirements in our store. Similarly, our trikes are completely assembled-only roll on and off! Wherever it takes place, Quench thirst!

To suit just about every theme you might think of, we deliver custom wood frames, gravure, and hand-tailed graphics. Great for serving drinks as well as looking stunning – mobile carts that match anywhere.

3.Crepes Bikes

This is regarded as one of the most adaptable and powerful crepe carts on the market as a fully fitted crepes on rollers. It can be maneuvered as a push box or mounted in a permanent position as a stationary crepe stand, built for both outdoor and indoor use. The wagon is a crepe bike, able to take new routes and destinations daily by combining them with an electric bike.

Its flexibility, design, and usability make it ideal for the selling of crepes everywhere, from parks to shopping malls and event centers. It is also available for hire at private events or as a fully mobile catering service. The Crepe Cart makes it a lucrative investment for start-up entrepreneurs and a smart addition to already existing companies such as restaurants and hotels, locations for conferences and concerts, beach bars, and so on.

A wide variety of projects, both normal and custom, is included in our Food Carts portfolio. In addition to their common features, each cart is unique, as are our customers' companies that we help to build and expand.

4.Ice-Cream Bikes

Jxcycle is building and selling ice cream bikes and Popsicle! The ideal, environmentally-friendly, and carbon-neutral business approach for mobile ice creams. Ice cream bikes we have a thing for!

Hand Made and delivered to you, complete and ready to go when it hits you! Just walk and roll. 

Jxcycle has a tradition of selling the ice-cream on bike. Our company has made our Popsicle and Ice Cream the best! Innovative ways are always built to make our ice cream bikes everything you need to start your own Ice Cream Bike Company.

Jxcycle markets refurbished and used ice cream bikes in addition to our new sales bikes and personalized product trikes. We seek to get it back to our shop for an overhaul by seeing some of my favorite Icicle Tricycles Ice Cream Bicycle for sale. Yup, we got an ice cream machine even used to sell it! Renovation and rigorous research to re-construct it again! Then, when the ship arrives, it is fully built and ready to roll! Just walk and roll. 


Are you looking for affordable high-quality food carts? You are just in the right place!

For people who want to start a street food business with a low start-up cost, food carts are a very common option. These are much less costly than food trucks; these are easier to drive and to run and are ideal for the selling of virtually every form of food in busy urban areas.

We've seen steady growth in demand and popularity since we started making them, so that our food carts can be refined and expanded continuously.

Nowadays, our range of carts consists of hundreds of versions, some designed and entirely original.