How to run a mobile coffee bar?

Sep. 19, 2018

Daniel received our mobile coffee bar and assembled it very quickly.Every morning, Daniel takes the mobile coffee bar to the station, then to the university, or to the town market. In general, wherever there is a crowd, it may be one of today's destinations.

Rectifying the mobile coffee bar is open, we can see that the mobile coffee bar is a full-service cafe on a bicycle, including running water, folding table, charging station, WiFi. There is also a recycling bin behind the garbage, and a water tank under the sink collects the sewage. The mobile coffee bar can also be customized with solar panels to charge the lights, and the electric motor helps the mobile coffee bar to ride in the mountains.

A mobile coffee bar that takes you to a person who loves coffee and transfers your business location at any time, which is more friendly and environmentally.Compared to working in a cafe, he is more free and more enthusiastic, and his income is increased by more than 20%. As a college student, Daniel can earn about $700 a day, so if you are interested, why not try it?

mobile coffee bar.jpg