How to earn making street food with hot dogs by bicycle

Jun. 30, 2020

 The simplicity and lightness of Speedy Workbench in our Hot Dog Bike Cart series. The advantage of this business is mobile, so that you can move from one place to another and target the best sectors in terms of competition and demand, which is fairly easy to start with, flexible and not too expensive.

Some claim that as a direct result of the slow-growing market, the road food phenomenon booms. Time is also essential. Cheap, quick and delicious breakfasts and lunches are increasingly sought.

Street food has important benefits, such as low start-up costs and mobility, from an entrepreneurial perspective. Food carts, food trucks, and can relocate if the business is not enough in a single place, have lower overheads than restaurants.

Street food is simple and cost efficient for customers , making it appealing to everyone, local residents and tourists, students and busy professionals, frugal individuals and large families.

Are these the most popular street foods?

Hot dogs, ice cream, and doughnuts are the favorites.

Then ethnic foods such as burgers, empanadas, sushi and crepes are inspired. However, there are nevertheless endless choices, so it is up to you, the creator, to discover the dishes so that recipes distinguish you from others and help you to develop a good reputation and loyal consumer base. This is our main point, we 're going to go for hot dogs. 

Selling hot dogs has specific legal requirements and limitations. As with any type of business. This also vary by cities, counties and states, and you can read about the programs that exist in your area by calling the local health department or the Environmental Protection Department. At this stage, you will be discussing issues like:

  • The laws regulating street food selling in your city;

  • The types of food that you are going to sell, and how they are handled, stored, thawed and cooked;

  • Commission specifications (an operational condition from a permitted commercial kitchen)

  • Size, make, and hot dog vending cart equipment;

  • The cart's capacity for holding fresh water and waste water;

  • Requirement for healthy course of handling of food;

  • hygiene;

  • Pre-approval evaluation of the machinery.

The PROs and CONs of this Business


1. Time Management

Unlike any other company you may run around your timetable, this form of business is unique in the food industry. You have a set amount of hours to be open for every day with a restaurant. For a truck, that is not the case.

2. Ability to scale

If you want to make massive levels of cash beyond the annual turnover of $100,000, your company must be able to expand. This is a real possibility in a hot dog business because adding new carts won't break the bank once you start generating revenues. You just add a cart and recruit someone to operate if you want to earn more. Several shop owners have added more than 100 carts in the course of a few years. Imagine how much you will gain from these cars, even with a tiny net profit created on a daily basis.

If your business grows, your job will be significantly different. Rather of focusing your attention on running a single cart, you should concentrate on managing staff and ensuring that there are processes in place to bring new suppliers into the program. Nevertheless, if you want to, it's reassuring that you know a business can grow.


1. Hard Work

You must physically go outside, prepare your cart for service and make money to earn anytime you want to generate revenue. You need to have some basic bookkeeping after your long day of sales to record the sales and check inventory levels. (This supposes, of course, that you haven't hired a staff to do the job for you). If the inventory is small, you must go shopping to make sure your saucers, buns and condiments are enough to make the next move.

2. Not a quickly getting rich business

You would be more than likely to be disappointed with the results if you think you're going to take your cart out and suddenly start making $100.000 net sales every year. Certainly, there are many business owners with hot dogs who are successful, but it almost always happens after a few years of business. It takes time to locate your city's most profitable sales outlets, and to do so you may have to scale beyond one cart.

3. Withstanding the elements

You will need to be ready to stand anything that the mother-nature can do if you are not driving a hot dog truck (which could still be hot in the summer!). Depending upon where you live, the perfect blue sky can quickly become rain clouds.

Final Words

Always try to sell additional items to your customers. You can also ask if you are asking for a hot dog if you want a drink.

Maintain a strict hygiene standard. Customers aren't joking with their health and one thing they will be careful about is cleanliness.

You have sealed an area that you intend to cover and start talking about your business and a good way is to provide you with free samples of your hot dogs and hopefully to inform their teams, including managers or foremen.

Make sure you always have hot dogs cooked and get people's attention and let them buy their scent. Good client connections and sustain them. Know their names and send regular customers free of charge.

As we have discussed above that how a hot dog bicycle can help you earn money easily by just selling the favourite hot dogs at streets to the people of your area. People love to eat street food if its tasty, healthy and affordable for them so it is always a better choice to sell the food that is fresh, good in taste, made with healthier ingredients and seems good in appearance as well. Rather than opening a food shop and waiting for customers to come. You should start up your business on a vending bicycle and sell them by reaching them yourself. This is an effective tip to get your business grow faster!