coffee bike cart - What you should know

Oct. 04, 2018

Description of Jxcycle coffee bike cart specifications:

Jxcycle coffee bike cart is one of the most professional carriers for making and selling coffee, especially for baristas who want to open a cafe and have a budget. The coffee bike cart can be equipped with a coffee machine, various accessories, etc. We can customize the coffee bike cart according to your needs. You know, the tricycle is solid and stable, easy to drive and turn. Here, we especially recommend the electric three-wheeled coffee cart. Its 250 W motor can effortlessly pull the weight of the coffee machine.


Bike size: 2300*1160*700mm

Storage box size: 1900*1100*300mm

Weight: 280 kg

Other configurations of Jxcycle coffee bike cart:

Steel frame and wooden box

250w rear wheel motor

36V 10Ah battery

10Ah battery charger

Front disc brake

coffee bike cart.jpg