Best Bikes For Your Bike-Based Business

Aug. 20, 2019

Alike to that of food trucks, mobile bikes are on high demand. Many small vendors are looking upon these bikes to sell hot dogs, vegetables, fruits, coffee, ice cream and other items on the move. These bikes are highly durable and mobile. Moreover, you can take this bike from one place to another and do business. You can park this bike near the shopping centers, outside the club, parks and other public places and start doing the business. This allows you to earn huge returns with less investment. The demand for this bike is on the rise. These bikes are also used for advertising by the businesses.
Few of the best bikes that you can buy to run bike based businesses include:

Jxcycle fruit retail bike vending bike:

This is the best bike that is cost-effective and perfect for the fruit vendor to sell and showcase fruits. You can take this bike and go to the places to sell vegetables and fruits. This bike will be customized as per your requirements. This is equipped with comfortable seating, swift maneuverability and ample space to store vegetables and fruits. This vending machine is highly convenient to market, advertise and sell vegetables or fruits. With the low cost investment, you can make huge profits.

Jxcycle electric open food bike business for ice cream snack BBQ

You can start your food business on the wheels by purchasing this business bike. This has ample space to store your ingredients and other items. You have drawers and space to keep dispenser and water tank. You can use this electric bike to sell ice creams, fruits, snacks, hot dog, coffee and drinks. You can set up this bike in the exhibition center to grab the attention of the customers to your store.

Jxcycle Three wheels mobile mini food truck

These food bikes are eco-friendly and cheap way to launch restaurant on wheels rather than opening a brick and mortar restaurant. This mini food truck is equipped with a mobile kitchen that allows you to happily work for the whole day. There are cooking appliances equipped in the truck. This bike is engineered to work with convenience. You can peddle this mini food truck with three wheels to every lane and sell the food.

Jxcycle popcorn ice cream pizza vending coffee cart

This tricycle allows you to peddle and sell ice creams in the bustling and hustling places. You can take this bike anywhere and at anytime in your locality to sell ice creams and makes business. This bike is equipped with a freezer to keep the ice cream chilled. The canopy on the top will protect the machine from extreme grime and dust. You can take this vending cart to sell tasty and frozen ice creams to parties, business places, clubs, parties, hotels and convention centers. This is properly operational and is available in different colors. You can customize the look of the bike by adding the logo and your favorite color to the bike. This cart is equipped with a separate freezer and storage box. This is small in size, lightweight and very easy to operate. The color of the body can be customized as per the customer needs. Once the charging is done, you can keep the freezer cool without connecting to the electrical outlet. This saves a lot of time and is very easy to operate over the traditional stores. You can add an advertising billboard to this cart to increase the popularity for your ice cream mobile store.

Jxcycle Street vending ice cream cart

If you want to start an ice cream parlor, but have shortage of money, then you can buy this ice cream cart and sell ice creams on the go. With little investment, you can make huge profits. You can connect the freezer to the electrical outlet and start your business. However, if you are on the go and selling ice creams in other lanes, you can charge the battery and run the freezer without power. You can charge the ice cream card over night and operate this cart in the morning. The ice creams in the freezer remain cold all day without power. You can customize this bike by adding your company’s logo to increase the popularity of your store.

Jxcycle street food trailer mobile fast Food Cart

This is the popular food cart that is purchased by the small street vendors and small entrepreneurs who want to start a food business. The work table allows you to cook food and serve the customers with ease. This is equipped with a sink and drawers to store utensils and ingredients. This food cart is much cheaper than starting a restaurant. Moreover, you can operate this food cart at anyplace and at anytime. The best thing is that, it does not occupy a huge space. You can park this vehicle on the road side and sell your food to the people. These are easy to move. This has four castor rounds to move one from place to another.

Jxcycle enclosed mobile vending hot dog cart grill

This is a multi functional hot dog bike that meets the needs of the vendor who want to sell hot dog on the go. This cart is equipped with a grill, freezer and a stainless steel table. The freezer allows you to adjust the temperature that is perfect to store ice creams and frozen items. The grill pan allows you to cook grilled meat, hot dog and steak with ease. The solar panel roof will produce electricity and lit the light of your cart and this solar energy is used to run the freezer. The LED lights provide ample lighting and attract the customers to your cart to hog on the hot dogs and ice creams.

CE approved Jxcycle brand mobile BBQ hot dog food bike

This food bike is a cost-effective way to start mobile BBQ in the public places. This food bike is equipped with grill to cook grilled meat, roast steak and hot dogs. There is enough work space made of steel frame with wooden panel where you can store the food and sell. The drawers allow you to store ingredients and other things.

The above are a few bike models you can choose to start your business on wheels.