How to Start a Coffee Van and Cart Business?

Sep. 27, 2018

Be your own boss with Jxcycle's independent Coffee Van and Cart Business. Having a separate business means that everything you earn is in your pocket and you can do business freely in any suburb. Jxcycle has been running its own Coffee Van and Cart Business for more than a decade and can provide valuable advice on marketing, retail products, suggested events and locations, pricing/profits, and most importantly provide help and ongoing support. We have 4 coffee cart products, of course, not including food carts. If this is not enough, we also offer customized services so that you can enjoy delicious coffee from any coffee car of your choice!

Advantages of a Coffee Van and Cart:

1) low cost 2) Environmental protection 3) Easy access to the pedestrian area 4) Free time of business hours 5) Sales of product diversity, ice cream, fruit, sand ice, flowers, books, clothing, etc.

Coffee Van and Cart configuration:

1) Built-in water tank provides tap water 2) Car trash can 3) huge storage area 4) Canopy, cash drawer, LOGO customization

Coffee Van and Cart Business.jpg