2020 New Model Pedicab for sale

Jul. 21, 2020

Rickshaw is a vital small transport. You can ride with your family or do business after you purchase a rickshaw. Professional rickshaw pedicab from China Jxcycle is known for the quality and price of our rickshaw tricks. We do have rickshaws for sale for an electric pedicab, both rickshaws are of the highest standard. The pedicab rickshaw is also known as velotaxi in Germany, pedicab in the United States, the USA, and Canada, rickshaw (U.K.), bike taxi (used in New York). The pedicab rickshaw is often called by several names. A pedicab is a great way to advertise your business and activities or to add that unique touch to your meeting, wedding, or other special occasions. A pedicab is a fresh and safe way to transport you. Rickshaws of Pedicab became popular worldwide. It is a common view of the streets of the area. To improve safety and fun, the Jxcycles Pedicab Rickshaw. Please contact me. Please tell me. Get your pedicab rickshaw.

· Chassis and Pedicab Pedal-Electric Frame:

· Powder-coat tig-welded chromyl case. Displayed in many colors.

· High-duty axles of steel 

· Differential rear axle for excellent handling

· Electric pedal passenger cab: Battery Cab:

· A steel suspension subframe fiberglass cabin available in various gelcoat colors.

· Durable lined vinyl tapestry

· Pedal Electric Pedicab Components: 21-speed variable shifting drivetrain.

· Lights: Dual (low/high) halogen headlight device, turn signals, and brake light

· Electric-Assist Engine: 36-volt 400 Watt hub motor for hill climbing and fast speed.

Range varies according to battery type and capacity. In Main Street, three Optima Yellow Top 65-amp batteries, per 40 lbs (total 120 lbs.) of battery are suggested to be used. The running time on the level floor is approximately 5 hours without pedaling with this setup. There is a 10-hour total of six battery configuration. Options for pedal-electric pedicab:

· Canvas canopy with zippable cover and transparent oval back window for passengers

· Frame and bracket advertising: cab's aluminum frame to transmit business name or advertisements — size: 20 "x 28." 

· 3 Optima battery "Yellow Top"-65-amp power hours.

24-volt motors, such as motors specifically designed for climbing or speed, are also available. Pedal-Electric Pedicab’s Total Weight: 180 lbs. Without battery cells.  Base price: $4,300, batteries $4,800, Electric Pedicab: Pedicab. Retrofit Built-in bolts, controllers, cables and throttle, for $950. Not included batteries.

Electric Pedicab for Sale

The ultimate in pedicab transport is this environmentally friendly machine. The three-passenger bike is primarily powered by pedal power and is assisted when required by an electrical battery. The unique body design of the motorbikes is made of recycled plastic and can be wrapped in vinyl to advertise your brand or business. Through vehicle is fitted with halogen headlights, warning signals, brake lights, and is completely protected from inclement weather.

What is the Pedicab Fleet?

The fleet is made up of 5 pedicabs from the Veloform City Cruiser II. Each vehicle is fitted with an iPad tablet locking display system. This feature helps your passengers to communicate on their route with your company or advertisers. 1 of the 5 units was named the 'Team Leaders' and is upgraded to handle longer distances, additional weight, and longer periods with a stronger battery and engine. This machine is perfect to track the other pedicabs.

How to ship the Pedicab?

The entire fleet can be shipped to most markets in North America in one compact 53′ semi-trailer. If pedicabs are split between many markets, smaller trailers may be used, which are pulled by pick-up trucks. Our shipping partners are happy to help push the pedicabs from market to market with turnkey service when necessary.

Buying Pedicabs from Jxcycles

Their longevity and reliability are familiar to our vehicles. Built-in Colorado, USA, our pedicabs are designed for commercial and institutional operators by our team of bike professionals. We are committed to building an urban environment more socially fair and healthy. Urban environments that promote mountain biking are more fun and environmentally friendly. In our cars, we aspire to make the world better. If you start a new successful pedicab fleet in your area, build a pedicab touring service, or find another project, we are here to answer your questions and help you succeed. Customer care is a priority for us. We have a diverse customer network around the globe. Our pedicabs are located in more than 20 countries and all 50 countries by 2020.

Our Products

Electric Pedicab Rickshaw

Rickshaws of Pedicab have become world-famous. It is a popular view in the streets of the town. It has many applications, but you need electrical assistance if you are installing a lot of products or long-distance driving. Simple and fun to drive, Electric rickshaws. They have a cleaner design with a powerful motor that makes a fast movement. This means that no toxic gasses are found in the car. Jxcycle is the best e pedicab manufacturer in Europe, has a high market share and Jxcycles pedicab rickshaw is used by many people. Please contact me. Have your rickshaw and pedicab.

Damping Pedicab Rickshaw

The rickshaws of Pedicab became world-famous. The streets of the city are a familiar sight. However, there will be slowing down and other obstacles in the streets of the city not always level. It makes you feel uncomfortable when riding. And, with the rickshaw pedicab damping, Jxcycles did. They have a feature that absorbs shocks. Need not feel hulled, you'll be fun to ride.


Electric Pedicab Rickshaws have become more and more famous and they are easy to ride and they can be a full-time profitable business. In the late 1990s, Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute made one of the first attempts at developing electric rickshaws. They are commonly known as e-rickshaws in India and are widespread throughout the region. Since 2011, they have become more popular in India. Now the configuration of the round rickshaws is very different. If you want to buy a pedicab, Jxcycles is the best option because they provide full facilities with the best customer support.