2020 Hot Food Vending Beer Food Trailer

Aug. 28, 2020

Turn your business into a bike! Get the food truck off and make the eco-friendly way for your company. Give a new speed to your company – bike speed! As the trend of cities grows, the expansion of auto-free downtown areas and public spaces increases and makes them more and more pedestrian and cycling friendly. The new standard of urban planning is the sidewalks and broad bike lanes. To small businesses, this latest phenomenon is a turning-point! A probable mine of gold! Imagine a whole new way of trafficking. A very new form of trafficking in the foot. A higher foot spike encourages people to stay in the city center and public parks. 

Buying Food Trailers from Jxcycles

Welcome to purchase Jxcycles Mobile Food Bikes. Food bikes are known as a food cart, it can be used for street food or drinks. It is a fully operational mobile food service station. Jxcycles is the best option if you want to purchase food bikes. We also have hot dog bikes for sale to meet the customer's needs, please feel free to contact us. Thanks to its perfect measurement, features, and mobility, our food cart can be used almost everywhere. Hot dog carts can be controlled as a pop-up mobile diner, a seasonal hot dog bike, or a static hot dog stall in commercial areas, suitable both for outdoor locations and indoor venues. The cart is also available for rent or as a mobile catering business. This adaptability makes the Hot Dog Cart an optimal solution for entrepreneurs and established firms to expand and promote existing services.

About our Bike

Paddle on a Jxcycles beverage bike and beat the food cart traffic! Our mobile beverage carts help park people's thirst everywhere! Our bicycle sales carts are cold or hot to keep moving your business. A solution powered by you for your mobile cart! The perfect solution for the marketing, supply, and supply of all drinks. Shake your stuff out and serve in style – Jxcycles! Mobile beer carts for the company to pick up your meal! A perfect marriage of a traditional cart with a bike. Consider it as a dispenser of drinks standing on rolls – your feet driven vending cart! No arm pain any longer from walking on foot! We offer custom wood panels, laser engraved designs, and customized graphics to suit almost any style. Perfect to serve drinks and look beautiful – mobile drink carts fit anywhere! Your wildest dreams' mobile drink carts! Regardless of drinks, we can develop a mobile enterprise solution to help market your product – on the street! You can pedal anywhere!!

What is the Future of Business on Wheels?

Most city planners understand the importance of traffic. It is safe to say. Why do people get from one location to another and how they are exploring each of them. When a given area is popular, urban planners will make this area easier to access and more pleasant. The best option is typically bicycle and car-free areas. It's also the outskirts of town with big box stores. This gives small businesses and businesses plenty of room to play. The best new way to buy and run a company with a bicycle! Like your own market with lanes that push you up from behind, right next to and right before your customers.

Here are some PROs and CONs of the Business

The fact that your own cart business starts with many advantages, which is why many people decide to do this. The PROs contain:

· Low cost of start-up

· Not so risky as to run a restaurant

· You can become your boss

· Flexibility when where you'd like to work

· Little expertise in restaurants required

· Street food trend's rising popularity

However, there are also CONs to be discussed, as in all business efforts. There's no food cart company in the park: a lot of hard work needs to be done and only when the business picks up you can see substantial profits. The most important CONs are:

· Some people can test to be self-employed

· Shifts required for long hours, early morning and night

· Too much Competition

· Many rules and laws must be complied with

· Reliance on season

· Find an appropriate location for trading in

· If you are a solopreneur, customer service can be difficult

Our experience attracts the people with low start-up costs and flexibility; at the same time, long working hours and industrial uncertainty in terms of developments and market prospects are the most common concerns – at least in the initial phase. However, you can make a well-researched plan of success of your starter food cart, if you are enthusiastic about good food and begin with a solid and well-researched plan.

Food Carts vs Concession Trailers

Food Carts:

For decades, food carts have been around and they are one of the cheapest ways of starting a mobile food business.

· Pros: inexpensive, easy to customize, easy to switch between locations, ease of parking, easy to maintain and easy to use indoors and outdoors (it can be pulled by bicycle or driven by hand), less licensed than a food truck.

· Cons: not too much space for lavish dishes.

Concession Trailers:

Very much like food carts, concession trailers are found on festivals, festivals, and sporting events for many years.

· Pros: low capital costs, more cooking space relating to food trucks.

· Cons: It is difficult to travel between locations, takes greater space to park both on and off, and implies higher costs of service.


Speak to our clients about their businesses, we learn that a history of hospitality or catering does not have to be successful – in fact, people without any experience of serving food created a great many successful food cart businesses. Your major allies? Healthy food, flexibility – the ability to concentrate on market trends and requirements, marketing – a thoughtful strategy to support the company through a variety of platforms and outstanding customer service. Have you any concerns about our carts for food? Contact us and we will do our best to assist you!